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Report ID: 2315062
Reported User: EnemyController
Report Submitted: Apr. 14, 2019 4:54 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
LobbyDragonpop3: no themeSnarfyThePhoenix: No theme theme?TheHolyTrinity: breakfastDragonpop3: no theme theme no themePlayers are choosing namesBread: polar again how dare youBread: dont burn me thihs timeDay 1Palpatine: goooodPalpatine: let the hate flow through youPeepoo: tp/lpPeepoo: oCheddar: what the sun doPalpatine: embrace the dark sideNight 1bulgaria: yessKittenson: role?bulgaria: i froze right when i found the mayor last timeBread: consigs are niceCheese: SheriffCheese: Obviously no will since I'm with this cute jailor ;)bulgaria: investigating palpatineKittenson: YepDay 2Peepoo: spies?Chai Tea: who was jailed?Cheddar: updateCheddar: noone diedPolar: Rbedbulgaria: ty cheddarBread: good updateKittenson: True who was jailedBread: i didnt know thatCheese: I was jailedbulgaria: now back to our schedueled programPalpatine: I claim the senateBread: thnxCheddar: get up cheesebulgaria: I claim the Jedi KnightCheddar: if they were jailedCheese: WhatCheese: I was Palpatine: rebel scumCheese: Jailor was coldKittenson: WEll there was also an rberPeepoo: cheese role?Cheese: Vigbulgaria: Ive become what i sought to destroyDefenseCheese: What?! I'm vigiJudgementPeepoo: we are gonna need tk ccs for thisbulgaria: Serbia shall die for their Sins. Greece shall returnn Thrace to me!Chai Tea: any tk cc?Bread: i cc tkPalpatine: yesss embrace the dark sideBread: but there can be twoCheddar: i also cc tkKittin voted innocent.Kevin Cavrell voted innocent.bulgaria abstained.Skoot voted guilty.Cheddar voted guilty.Polar abstained.Peepoo voted guilty.Palpatine voted guilty.Kittenson voted guilty.Chai Tea abstained.Abigail Hobbs voted guilty.Kokichi Oma abstained.Pedo in Speedos abstained.Bread voted guilty.Cheese: :D Thanks guys!Cheese: So easyCheese has been lynched.Kittin: lmao voted inno cuz i knewBread: yw ilyChai Tea: ggKokichi Oma: nice onebulgaria: happy to help my guyCheddar: ok that did not work to my planKokichi Oma: get breadbulgaria: WhyBread: cheddar jesters are equal tooBread: no plzNight 2Kokichi Oma: oh nobulgaria: rip breadBread: hi im vigilantePedo in Speedos: OofKittenson: role?Cheese: Med?Pedo in Speedos: sobulgaria: why OmaKittenson: hmmBread: chedder also claimsKokichi Oma: i was gonna use it to help my invest claimKokichi Oma: in a wayBread: so i think twobulgaria: Polar is jailor i thinkBread: or mafiaBread: so idk yetBread: dont kill him either until we knowDay 3Bread: jester but ilyPolar has been killed.Kokichi Oma has forged the will.Polar was attacked by the Mafia.bulgaria: howbulgaria: i justBread: :(bulgaria: there goes two mafiaBread: jailor even belived meKokichi Oma to Chai Tea: role?Polar: Oh well.bulgaria: screw you werewolfCheese: Sorry, I love anotherbulgaria has been killed.bulgaria was attacked by a Werewolf.Bread: cheese plzBread: ily more than themCheese: I love Cheddarbulgaria: everytime i get this rolebulgaria: i just dieBread has been killed.Bread was attacked by a Jester.Bread: D: noPolar: I think i'm jesterbulgaria: bulgaria deserves justiceBread: not cheddarChai Tea to Kokichi Oma: bg been on peepooKokichi Oma to Chai Tea: checks out with my results, you're finebulgaria: ripKittin: lmao jester he lit got u up on stagebulgaria has left the game.Palpatine: nice kill jesterPolar: Ah, I was interroing 14 anywaysKittin: andyou lynch him?Bread: i was rb in jail, jailed and killed by jester. it was a busy nightPolar: he was in jail thoughChai Tea to Kokichi Oma: I'll be on you tonight. Pedo in Speedos has left the game.Kokichi Oma to Chai Tea: alrightPalpatine: jester has no obligation to spare anyonePalpatine: get over itPeepoo: tis?Kittin: yeahPalpatine: or notPolar: don't forget the sheriff interrogation. Your night was booked.Kittin: but still bmBread: gg bye byePalpatine: you could embrace the dark side and join meBread has left the game.Kittin: do you have cookiePeepoo: who is the last ti claim?Peepoo: pls claimPalpatine: we have more cookies than you could possibly imagineKokichi Oma: why should they?Skoot has left the game.Peepoo: kokichi role?Kittin: lmaoKokichi Oma: investPeepoo: willNight 3Palpatine: hiKittenson: role?Palpatine: escortKittenson: will?Palpatine: Escort N1: Polar N2: kevin cavrellKokichi Oma: not a fan of peepooKokichi Oma: i'd say get themPalpatine: also consig visited meKittenson: aight that checks outPalpatine: if that helpsKokichi Oma: and we can fake BMers existanceKokichi Oma: ...hello?Kokichi Oma: GF afk for hells sakeDay 4Pedo in Speedos has been killed.Skoot has been killed.Kevin Cavrell has left the game.Kittin: wtfPeepoo: lolKittenson: ok thenChai Tea: gotta love when evil quitsPeepoo: wellPeepoo: that is gameAbigail Hobbs: role callKittenson: makes this a little easierKokichi Oma to Abigail Hobbs: role?Peepoo: who is last mafChai Tea: bgChai Tea: Chai Tea the Bodyguardn1. Peepoon2. Peepoon3. Kokichi Oman4. Abigail Hobbs has revealed themselves as the Mayor.Peepoo: im escortCheddar: last maf can visit me tonightPalpatine: i cc peepoo...Polar: Kinda sad i'm the only dead towniePeepoo: i rbed 15 last nightPalpatine: he left, he was probably last mafiaKittenson: Im not buying itPeepoo: yeKittin: im doc?DefenseKittin: DocN1: Palpatine (NA)N2: Bread (Jailed) Claimed TKN3: PeePoo (NA) Asking a lot of questionsN4:Kittin: i am docKittin: jailor can confirm that bread was jailedJudgementKittin: jailor wya?Kittenson: inno get 1Peepoo: shut up kittenKittin: peepoo is proven too thoughPalpatine: inno, get nobodyPalpatine: 15 was last mafiaKittenson: ahKokichi Oma voted innocent.Kittenson voted innocent.Peepoo voted guilty.Chai Tea voted innocent.Palpatine voted innocent.Cheddar abstained.Abigail Hobbs voted guilty.Kittenson: wellPeepoo: just guilty to end fasterNight 4Peepoo: .Peepoo: asdPeepoo: wePeepoo: afKittenson: i have so much suspicion about youPeepoo: because u suckPeepoo: that is whyKittenson: aight coolPeepoo: iincelKittenson decided to execute Peepoo.Day 5Peepoo has been killed.Polar: ECKS DEEEPalpatine has been killed.Palpatine was attacked by the Mafia.Polar: I would of had it if it wasn't for you meddling kidsPalpatine: why tf would jailor exe?Peepoo: i insulted himKevin Cavrell has been killed.Palpatine: well thenPolar has left the game.Kittenson: i will admit this isnt my proudest game, dont hate me plz XD to be fair, he did just insult me in jailCheddar: slightly upset that the last mafia didnt visit me last nightKokichi Oma: guess kevin was, in fact, NOT the last mafiaAbigail Hobbs: get the doc claimKokichi Oma: doc claim was...kittin, right?Kittin: DocN1: Palpatine (NA)N2: Bread (Jailed) Claimed TKN3: PeePoo (NA) Asking a lot of questionsN4: Self healKittin: y get meDefenseKokichi Oma: The hell did I do?Kokichi Oma: Kokichi Oma - Ultimate Investigator N1: Bread (Vigi, Vet, Mafio)N2: Chai Tea (BG, GF, Arso)N3: Abigail (Inv, Consig, Mayo)N4: Peepoo (Esc, CPalpatine: no, it's one of the TP claimsPalpatine: ....Palpatine: only room for oneJudgementKittin: abi claimed day 2Palpatine: hang one, jail onePalpatine: ggKittin: why would you invest after she revealed?Kokichi Oma: abi claimed mayor d2?Cheddar: innoAbigail Hobbs: n4 peepo was jailedKokichi Oma: the hell?Palpatine: inno, this is innoCheddar voted innocent.Chai Tea abstained.Kittenson abstained.Kittin abstained.Abigail Hobbs voted guilty.Palpatine: ffsKokichi Oma: yknowKokichi Oma: i hate this gameKokichi Oma: report gfKokichi Oma: report wwKokichi Oma: report everyone who leftKokichi Oma has been lynched.Kokichi Oma: biesgnlKittin: lmaoCheddar: xdChai Tea: Sorry KokichiKittin: ggCheddar: niceGameOverTown has won.Chai Tea: ggKokichi Oma: that was so badddddd ;;Kittenson: im so sorry town i sucked XDCheddar: i like an easy game]End of Report
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