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Report ID: 2313976
Reported User: kitunknown
Report Submitted: Apr. 13, 2019 9:16 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Trying to blend in with town and he outted me. we were coven together
LobbyNewAgeRetroMan: breakfast themeNootNoot12345: breakfast themeMarshalGhost2: Yee hawMarshalGhost2: Hmmmm I'll passNootNoot12345: haw yeeshiningsun12344: space themeMarshalGhost2: I'll also passtoriisapotato: noNootNoot12345: i dont know about you but ill be corn flakesPlayers are choosing namesPassword: sorry canadian moonBetty Parris has left the game.Day 1Chips: GL HF!Angel: Sup guysCorn Flakes: *dab*hot cheetos: glCorn Flakes: kill meNight 1CovenLeader made Dave Portnoy target Password.Chips checked Password.Day 2Betty Parris has been killed.Corn Flakes: i forgot how fun this game isAngel: EyAngel: RudeMike: And I forgot about how tasty you areCorn Flakes: consume meAngel: Kinky?Mike: Hmmm not nowAngel: Is this a vore?Chips: So many gravesCorn Flakes: hmmmhot cheetos: RIPMike: Ay hold upmickeymouseclub: i feel left outMike: Since when there were graves here?mickeymouseclub: sad timesCorn Flakes: its ok mickey you can join inmickeymouseclub: thanksFrankie: B(Night 2Taako: walk them in to meThePlagueBearer: noThePlagueBearer: he's wwFrankie: leave dave aloneNecromancer made Betty Parris target Itchy Butt Crack.CovenLeader made Dave Portnoy target Canadian Moon.Chips checked mickeymouseclub.Day 3Canadian Moon has been killed.Canadian Moon was attacked by a Werewolf.Itchy Butt Crack has been killed.Itchy Butt Crack was attacked by the Mafia.Thomas Danforth: poor ga Corn Flakes: I'm lookout, password visited hot cheetos last nightMike: WW YOU ASS!Taako: awe GA i luv u!Itchy Butt Crack has left the game.mickeymouseclub: im lookoutTaako: rip thomickeymouseclub: can there be twoChips: Password, role?Password to Corn Flakes: im trackerMike: But Hot cheetos is still alive thoughCanadian Moon: 3 was my guyCanadian Moon: damnChips: Yes, mickeyAngel: Did WW kill the GA because the GA visited them?hot cheetos: password whatd u doCorn Flakes: yepThePlagueBearer: ga doesnt visitPassword: im claiming to flakesChips: I don't think so, Angelmickeymouseclub: kkThePlagueBearer: it's an astral thingChips: ^Corn Flakes: /wAngel: I see, Okay just making sureCorn Flakes: okPassword to Corn Flakes: i did in fact visit hot cheetosPassword: bg/tp on me tonightNight 3Chips checked Taako.Day 4Mike: AwChips: Do we have med?Chips has been killed.Chips was attacked by Medusa.Mike: I hope soChips: Same, I know who Medusa isMike: Because there is a CLMike has been killed.Mike was attacked by the Coven Leader.Chips: Taako is MedusaMike: I may have messed upCorn Flakes: harsh but okPassword: Password - TrackerN1 - Angel (nv)N2 - Hot cheetos (nv)N3 - ThePlagueBearer (Mike)Mike: My trap is set at 14ThePlagueBearer: exe?Mike: I'm hoping that 14 is not evilThomas Danforth: 12 claim?Password: wowhot cheetos: what does nv mean againThomas Danforth: no visitTaako: no visitPassword: no visitshot cheetos: ok thx am dumbCorn Flakes: 12 what's your role?Mike: Yo Canadian, is there a medium?DefenseThePlagueBearer: You can give the exe a win if you want, Im not claiming for himJudgementPassword: give will or dieCorn Flakes: guiltyPassword: claim or diePassword: give will or diehot cheetos abstained.Frankie abstained.Corn Flakes voted guilty.Password voted guilty.mickeymouseclub voted guilty.Angel abstained.Dave Portnoy voted guilty.Taako voted guilty.Thomas Danforth abstained.ThePlagueBearer: Taako you don't vote up your team. Taako is Medusa.ThePlagueBearer has been lynched.Taako: GAME THROWMike: HuhTaako: wtfhot cheetos: report!Taako: report hom for grMike: Well that's rudeTaako: gtChips: I can confirm Taako is MedCorn Flakes: boiCorn Flakes: whyNight 4Mike: Yo is there a medium?ThePlagueBearer: he outed himself by yelling at meThePlagueBearer: no one EVER believes a dead evilThePlagueBearer: what an idiotMike: WelpChips has left the game.Mike: No mediumAngel has left the game.Day 5Mike: Why would you say that in the first place?mickeymouseclub has been killed.mickeymouseclub was attacked by a Werewolf.Corn Flakes: oof im deadThePlagueBearer: Because he shouldnt have voted meThePlagueBearer: if we go down we go down togetherCorn Flakes: nahThePlagueBearer: pludThePlagueBearer: like I saidMike: I mean tbh, it's not throwing if it's all anyCorn Flakes has been killed.Corn Flakes was attacked by Medusa.ThePlagueBearer: everyone thinks the dead evil is trollingThePlagueBearer: if anything he would have been safer if he didnt yellAngel has been killed.Password: N4 - Frankie (Canadian Moon)Password: I am very confused.Taako: im gonna die i know itMike: Hold upTaako: plz report 12 for game throwingMike: You still have a necro??ThePlagueBearer: this dumbassThePlagueBearer: no?hot cheetos: doneTaako: iTaako: tyThePlagueBearer: just the retarded medusaPassword: yeah if you are actually medusa we will report themMike: Then how did Frankie visit the dead GA???Mike: Huh??Corn Flakes: i mean you were gonna be lynched anyway, he just wanted to look more innocentPassword: could be jest tho i doubt itThePlagueBearer: I wasntThePlagueBearer: there werent enough votesMike: WOWThePlagueBearer: he didnt have to be one of themFrankie to Dave Portnoy: thats my boyPassword: wowMike: Really????Password: no voteNight 5Taako: no gazes leftMike: Btw my trap is set at FrankieThePlagueBearer: also they have a proven "this is ww" and they arent using itThePlagueBearer: whyMike: I think I messed upMike: idkCorn Flakes: | | | | | |_Day 6Mike: IS THIS LOSS????Mike: IN ToS?Password: N5 - Thomas Danforth (nv)ThePlagueBearer: no one gonna get the confirmed ww?Corn Flakes: haha yesThePlagueBearer: on ww night?Taako: so kill me or kill ww??ThePlagueBearer: cmonFrankie: so dave Dave Portnoy: sup frankieFrankie: its time for one bitePassword: Im surrounded by evils arent iTaako: 5 is wwhot cheetos: its an even night so lynch wehot cheetos: wwPassword: 5 voted on medusaDave Portnoy: nah i ain't wwFrankie: i refuse to kill davehot cheetos: betThePlagueBearer: whatTaako: he is ww. cl used him i watched herFrankie: smh i have toTaako: welpNight 6ThePlagueBearer: why the fuckMike: Moon, did you use all of your protections?Taako: im gonna die prollyCorn Flakes: this is a bit sadTaako: can u use 13?mickeymouseclub: frFrankie: im getting that pwMike: If you didn't, then you should use itDay 7Mike: Huhhot cheetos has been cheetos was attacked by a cheetos: i was just an amnesiac :(Mike: Awww poor amnePassword: awwwPassword has been killed.Password was attacked by a Werewolf.Password was attacked by Necromancer.Mike: Well we still didn't find out who you arePassword: should have turned cl if i were youCorn Flakes: :(Password: theres a necrohot cheetos: i was gonnaPassword: and a medusaMike: I KNEW IT THERE WAS A NECROhot cheetos: i didnt know who was winning thoThePlagueBearer: lmao mikeThePlagueBearer: wanna double whammy?Mike: AND THE STUPID ME PLACED THE TRAP ON HIMTaako: i didnt not think id make it this far after that gamethrowing swine but i did...Frankie: One Bite Dave Portnoy: one bite everyone knows the rules!ThePlagueBearer: yepFrankie: 6.9Frankie: its sexhot cheetos: so do i lose either wayTaako: so whos gonna die ww or townieDave Portnoy: 0.0hot cheetos: since i died an amneTaako: 5 oe 6Mike: YesFrankie: i say thomasThePlagueBearer: yeah you lose no matter whatTaako: okPassword: imma leave ba byePassword has left the cheetos: :(Dave Portnoy: yeah thomasTaako to Frankie: will you lynch ww tomorrowDave Portnoy: no whispersDefenseMike: Who the F is thomas and why is he silent?Mike: CANADIAN MOON ARE YOU THERE?JudgementFrankie: Is thisfootball pizza? Dave Portnoy: bold defenseMike: CAN YOU HEAR ME?Dave Portnoy: i give this lynch a 8m8Frankie: I give that defense a Taako voted guilty.Dave Portnoy voted guilty.Frankie voted guilty.Thomas Danforth has been lynched.Canadian Moon has left the game.Taako: glad we got himTaako: he couldve wonDave Portnoy: me tooCorn Flakes: Thomas Danworth was a politician magistrate and land owner in the Massacheusets Bay ColonyNight 7Corn Flakes: dabFrankie: 0.0 Taako: frankieFrankie: yeshot cheetos: there was an arso?Taako: are we winningMike: *Dabs back*Frankie: maybe Taako: dont you game throwmickeymouseclub: u didnt just say dabThePlagueBearer: frankie might throw thismickeymouseclub: LOLTaako: i cant have two game throwersCorn Flakes: oh i didThePlagueBearer: like actual throw, I didnt throw it we have it wonFrankie: i hope we dont die smhDay 8ThePlagueBearer: but he doesnt want to hang wolfMike: Well if WW attacks Frankie then he dies by my trap.....Mike: YikesDave Portnoy: has my time come gentlemenFrankie: Sorry dave but Taako: frankie you are a godFrankie: one last review is neccesary'Dave Portnoy: one biteTaako: ive had NO gazesFrankie: everybody knows the rulesTaako: you carried ushot cheetos: i was gonna remember cl and the night i did the dumb dog killed mehot cheetos: cats > dogs and this is whyDefenseMike: Why?Dave Portnoy: All right Frankie were here at the corner of 10th and 8thhot cheetos: why whatmickeymouseclub: ggJudgementCorn Flakes: why am i aliveFrankie: One Bite CompadreMike: But we are deadDave Portnoy: Gonna have to get this 1 8.8Frankie abstained.Taako voted guilty.Corn Flakes: shhhhhhhhhDave Portnoy: one bite frankieMike: I love these twoDave Portnoy: one biteDave Portnoy has been lynched.Mike: They make a good dueMike: duo*Frankie: a veteran score everybody knows the rulesTaako: i cant believe i womGameOverCoven has won.Mike: Yo frankie even If WW attacks you he'll dieTaako: plz report 12 for game throwinghot cheetos: u didnt deserve itMike: By my trap....Taako: i did notFrankie: i was afk for 90 percent of thisTaako: i kmwoDave Portnoy: lmao frankieEnd of Report
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