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Report ID: 2313529
Reported User: Miguelispro
Report Submitted: Apr. 13, 2019 2:17 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: didnt defend
Afk didn't claim on stand.
LobbyPlayers are choosing namesRanked Game.Day 1P Sherman: tp lo :3P Sherman: what's the meta atmEosphorus to Potatoes: Should we just eat you?Adagio: Hippity hoppity (readies gun) get off my propertyFibber: tp/lo on me pleasehere we go again: im exe my target is 4 im going afk nowEosphorus to Potatoes: I am confused.P Sherman: havent played for a whileTax: meta is be jailing and exe townanonymoose: kill meNight 1P Sherman: HeyP Sherman: role?Potatoes: SheriffPotatoes: :DP Sherman: Ty xCrown: whateverCrown: sorry i cant decideTransporter swapped Hans Landa with Eosphorus.Adagio investigated John Hathorne.Day 2Tax has been killed.Tax was attacked by the Mafia.Fibber: I was rb'd Eosphorus: Oh, world without taxes, what a wonderful anarchy that could be.P Sherman: hoorahP Sherman: tax is no morePotatoes to Eosphorus: Sure, you can have a taste :,)Crown: we're freehere we go again: i commit tax evasion anywayP Sherman: we can keep our moneyiluveem: hi im number 3here we go again: nothing has changed for meEosphorus to Potatoes: What if I want you all for myself?Dolores: Taxes fund our countries though :/ P Sherman: fair playP Sherman: like the honestyDolores: We kind of need them. Crown: no more taxesPotatoes to Eosphorus: You;re gonna have to fight the other townies off thenCrown: now partyDolores: Just like we kind of need a spy.Crown: whateverP Sherman: sounds like a communist to meMartha Corey: bmerDolores: Bmer!Eosphorus to Potatoes: That's not a problem. I can murder them all.P Sherman: get her boysAdagio: Bm'ed?Fibber: ohDefenseEosphorus to Potatoes: I don't have a conscience anywaysJudgementFibber: no whispering thenEosphorus: Well, okEosphorus: ooohCrown: guys, if he's bmed maybe we shouldn't vote him up huhEosphorus: I willFibber: well this is an easy guilty if afkPotatoes to Eosphorus: Neither do I, i'm 50 flavors of delicious :DEosphorus: I will whisper and you can do shit about itDolores: WaitAdagio: This isn't the bm'ed personFibber abstained.anonymoose voted guilty.Dolores abstained.Crown voted innocent.Adagio voted guilty.John Hathorne voted guilty.Potatoes voted we go again voted guilty.iluveem abstained.P Sherman voted guilty.Mary Warren voted guilty.Martha Corey voted guilty.Eosphorus voted we go again: guys im exe u dont have to worry about jestanonymoose: so Crown is evilHans Landa has been lynched.Eosphorus to Potatoes: Sounds very we go again: you can execute me as proofAdagio: Reported.Crown: yeah execute me for innoing a bmed personEosphorus: ok.Fibber: report P Sherman: coolFibber: REPORTDolores: What the we go again: i would just like to stay alive until the end of the gameMartha Corey: reportMartha Corey: himhere we go again: if possibleNight 2P Sherman: HelloTax: med?Crown: lolJohn Hathorne: vigJohn Hathorne: bmediluveem: as i was sayingCrown: dumbassesMartha Corey: who is escortP Sherman: cool tyMary Warren: im gonna pretend im bmd nowTax: who are youTax: also, please get 8 killsMartha Corey: who is escortiluveem: that guy just wouldnt stop talkingCrown: no clue babyTax: NAMEJohn Hathorne: report hands landaTax: dickheadiluveem: i tried to tell him that he talked too muchCrown: let's guessFibber: same no clueiluveem: but then he got angryTax: give me your fucking nameFibber: not visiting tonight ww nightMartha Corey: dont clean yetMary Warren: nothing important in whispers btwiluveem: im iluvTax: Medium: im iluvTransporter swapped Adagio with Eosphorus.Adagio investigated iluveem.Day 3Eosphorus has been killed.Eosphorus was attacked by the Mafia.Eosphorus: Fucking hellEosphorus: I thought he is mafiaPotatoes: NOOO MY LOVER ;-;Martha Corey: rbdJohn Hathorne: attacked in jailAdagio: Trans'ed...thanks for the save.Eosphorus: he even said Doctor wasnt the bmed personanonymoose: Oh coolMartha Corey: so consort gamehere we go again: guess im jest now vigi im all ursAdagio: Proves im not mafia at leastPotatoes: N2: Anonymoose[10] - InnocentTax: we have a medium who is retardedDolores: I'm RT TS then. anonymoose: We have a potato for a jailorP Sherman: shit we lost some important rolesJohn Hathorne: attacked in jailEosphorus: coolMartha Corey: consort game thenanonymoose: I alertedJohn Hathorne: bmed n1Fibber: I claim RT btw. But should we bring back the afk doctor?anonymoose: Potatoes is fakeDolores: Not consort, escort.Potatoes: Sure you did lolEosphorus: tell him 14 is not mafia, somehowhere we go again: your target died. you have become a jesterPotatoes: :DEosphorus: Dont know howEosphorus has left the game.Dolores: I claim RT, I'm escort.John Hathorne: anyone bmed ?anonymoose: Why would I say that if I wasn't vet?Martha Corey: vfrhere we go again: vigi on meJohn Hathorne: bmed rbed?John Hathorne: its 6v6John Hathorne: dont lynch randomDolores: Martha Corey was rb'd.Martha Corey: i was rb'danonymoose: it's not randomDolores: We need to know who GF is.Fibber: All up to jailor and TKTax: why is 8 alive thogAdagio: VRFFibber: Mary bm'd?Tax: 8 claimed exe, same as last gameMartha Corey: get rolesJohn Hathorne: NO THERE IS NODolores: Mary bm'd?John Hathorne: its 6v6Adagio: VOTE 2John Hathorne: ITS 6V6Tax: and was gf last gameMartha Corey: mary is bm'dAdagio: LETS GOMartha Corey: slowJohn Hathorne: and i was attackedanonymoose: jailor, exe 7Martha Corey: slow votedJohn Hathorne: DONT VOTEJohn Hathorne: to meanonymoose: like you should have exed crownJohn Hathorne: fckng townMartha Corey: slowPotatoes: Nahhere we go again: town missed chanceJohn Hathorne: its 6v6 stillNight 3Martha Corey: okTax: soMartha Corey: kill and cleanP Sherman: hey role?Tax: Tax the SpyN1: P Sherman|Tax, John HathorneMartha Corey: doloresiluveem: sighTax: escort is realiluveem: im medP Sherman: no info from dead?iluveem: tax says escort is realTax: as someone was rbd but not visited by mafTax: 8 should be deadiluveem: last night, tax was uselessTax: jailor should exe 8Martha Corey: crowniluveem: now he is saying somethingTax: 8 claimed exe last game but was gfMartha Corey: crown claim vigMartha Corey: thoP Sherman: copy pasteTax: doing same shit trickTax: fucking exe itTax: gliluveem: mv tax and joh, he isnt saying mvAdagio investigated anonymoose.Day 4Adagio: Wtf I was confirmedDolores has been killed.Dolores was attacked by the Mafia.Dolores: Well that's a rip for town.Adagio: Why the hell would he shoioit m,eMartha Corey to P Sherman: 2 was fucking slow votedMartha Corey to P Sherman: wtf janitorMartha Corey to P Sherman: who u jailed n1 n2Adagio has been killed.Adagio was attacked by a Vigilante.Martha Corey to P Sherman: im dead boyMartha Corey: WHO WAS JAILEDanonymoose: Are you fucking kidding me?Martha Corey: n1 n2here we go again: okFibber: I was rb'dhere we go again: so town is hopelessJohn Hathorne: jailor why u didnt executedanonymoose: Two confirmed evils and this jailor/vig do nothingP Sherman: :ODolores: A Janitor game yet again?John Hathorne: escort is not rm2Mary Warren: I claim RT TK, VetMartha Corey: jailor is retardedMary Warren: was bmd yesterdayMartha Corey: who isiluveem: i was jailedanonymoose: This town is a bunch of fucking potatoesMartha Corey: WHO WAS JAILED n1Adagio: SeriouslyDolores: Also I'm escort, not consort... we go again: mehere we go again: whyDolores: I hate Janitors tbh :PMartha Corey: so "exe"Martha Corey: claimMartha Corey: is jani?Adagio: Bye, don't wanna play with a sack of potatoes next roundhere we go again: im exeP Sherman: give jester win?Adagio has left the game.Tax: why the fuck is 8 allowed to live?!here we go again: i dont deserve itTax: how bad are these players?Martha Corey: give jester winJohn Hathorne: go voteP Sherman: we nice thoP Sherman: help jesterJohn Hathorne: this is not jester exeCrown: I got rbed guys, I was away for computerDolores: What Elo are you?John Hathorne: he fakeshere we go again: i dont deserve itDefenseP Sherman to here we go again: kill me :*JudgementP Sherman: guilty, jester will kill meanonymoose: Hey vig. Kill yourself.Dolores: Supposedly this is masters but it feels like ranked practice all over again, haha.Martha Corey: i willMartha Corey: JAILORMartha Corey: do your jobFibber to iluveem: we need Eosphorus backTax: you said that last game broken recordP Sherman: guilty thisJohn Hathorne: I AM EXECUTINGiluveem: dolores prolly jailorMary Warren: why did we vote jesterJohn Hathorne: who didnt votePotatoes voted innocent.John Hathorne voted guilty.P Sherman voted guilty.Martha Corey voted guilty.Crown abstained.anonymoose voted innocent.Mary Warren voted innocent.iluveem abstained.Fibber abstained.John Hathorne: thisDolores: Oh sorry I didn't realize you were in last game.Martha Corey: VOTE 10John Hathorne: MAF INNOEDDolores: You changed your name. Night 4Martha Corey: okJohn Hathorne: why u jailed meJohn Hathorne: idiotMartha Corey: so 2 is jailorJohn Hathorne: amazingCrown: sorry guys I was away, that was importantiluveem: doloresMartha Corey: vig is dyingCrown: glad that we're doing wellJohn Hathorne: I AM WHO SHOT ADAGIODolores: Oh gosh!Tax: did I save ya?Martha Corey: who is whoP Sherman: you just claimed jailor ?P Sherman: wtfP Sherman: omgDolores: Hello med, I was escort.John Hathorne: CAUSE FOR SAVE UCrown: what was Dolores?Martha Corey: any cluesiluveem: oh yeah kFibber: escMartha Corey: dolores escortDolores: ~ Escort ~ N1: Fibber N2: Martha Corey N3: Crown Unfortunately I'm not useful until we get 1 maf killing role lynched. Crown: okP Sherman: fuck sakeP Sherman: trollTax: Tax the SpyN1: P Sherman|Tax, John HathorneDolores: But you know.Crown: yoloMartha Corey: dont cleanMartha Corey: jailoriluveem: hopefully we have 2 killing roles, need arso to actDay 5Dolores: Not really of use at this point.iluveem has been killed.iluveem was attacked by a Werewolf.Tax: and 8 is alive stillDolores: A janitor game with a medium again... Tax: what are we doing not killing any evilsDolores: What is up with that today.John Hathorne has been killed.John Hathorne died from guilt over shooting a Town member.John Hathorne: I CLAIMED JAILOR FOR SAVE REAL JAILORJohn Hathorne: jailor jailed meanonymoose: I guess Dolores was the potato jailor and Martha is the janitor.Martha Corey: im wwFibber: and i'm being rb'dMartha Corey: side meDolores: Uhm?P Sherman: give jester the winDolores: No?!Martha Corey: and lynch 10 or 8 Dolores: I'm not a fucking potato jailor.P Sherman: we gonna lynch 8 because we niceanonymoose: Gee. Crown is evil. Potatoes is evil. here we go again is evil.Dolores: Don't blame that shit on me.Fibber: it's only me and the jailor leftanonymoose: So many evils.Crown: we need to give jester the winanonymoose: And you shoot the invest.P Sherman: vote the jester ??Crown: don't be a pussyNight 5Potatoes: Lmao wwMartha Corey: coolCrown: now's the night without the ww, we can killMartha Corey: so ne + nk + jailorPotatoes: You've done fuck all all gameMartha Corey: and who is last townieCrown: and the next day we hang wwDolores: I meanPotatoes: It's real sadP Sherman: are you ww?Dolores: I sometimes make mistakes as jailorHans Landa has left the game.Potatoes: Yeahg I am Potatoes: Bmmed 2 daysCrown: is it jailor?P Sherman: fuck sakeMartha Corey: 9 is jailorDolores: But at this point I would've exe'd someone for sureMartha Corey: 9 asked for tp loMartha Corey: imoCrown: okayTax: at least the chap who claims evil...Day 6Tax: Jailor you fucking suckP Sherman has been killed.P Sherman was attacked by the Mafia.P Sherman: claiming jailor confsued tf out of meDolores: Yeah or literally anyone. At this point you can't go wrong. John Hathorne: I WAS ALREADY DYINGJohn Hathorne: i claimed jailorP Sherman: I didnt know thatJohn Hathorne: for taunt mafiaPotatoes: Mafia is a bunch of pussies for bmming me 2 days in a row trying to claim WW, Martha is BmmerTax: Did you see the guy claiming to be exe d1? and d2? and d3?P Sherman: you shot the investTax: FUCKING EXE THEMP Sherman: how are you any betterPotatoes: It was obvious that I was WW Martha Corey: u're dyingMartha Corey: and im not bm'erCrown: who caresPotatoes: So i'm mauling her ass tonightCrown: you diePotatoes: NahgMartha Corey: u canMartha Corey: do shitMary Warren: pussies for playing smartMartha Corey: tonightPotatoes: Town ain't gonna do shitMartha Corey: we give jesterMartha Corey: win tomorrowCrown: you're outnumberedTax: P sherman, if you are jailor, do everyone a favour and ask town to make your choices for yaP Sherman: ok TaxMartha Corey: potatoes rektMartha Corey: noobTax: uselesssssPotatoes: Nah kiddoTax has left the game.P Sherman: point to a ti that gave me some info ?Potatoes: TOwn was just badP Sherman has left the game.DefensePotatoes: Y'all didn't even have to play wellPotatoes: Because town was so shitDolores: No offense but there was someone actually claiming exe.Potatoes: LolJudgementPotatoes: So don't go sucking your own dicks like ya did somethingMartha Corey: same as u. 1 kill whole game lmaooo pathetic trash byeDolores: But at the end you could've exe'd almost anyone and hit an evil.Martha Corey: kill meMartha Corey: tonightMartha Corey: retardPotatoes: Because John was jailed kid lolPotatoes: You're pathetic :,)Crown: I'm going to suck my dickMary Warren voted guilty.Martha Corey voted guilty.Crown voted we go again abstained.Fibber voted guilty.anonymoose voted innocent.Martha Corey: ez win when nk's are like u Potatoes: Mafia on a power trip lolMary Warren: i like your logic first we are pussies for playing smart then its our fault that town is badPotatoes has been lynched.Fibber: Mafia wasn't jailed all gameMary Warren: Ez KidCrown: yeah, we got luckyCrown: but what's wrong with itCrown: can't we win sometimesNight 6iluveem: town flopped altogether, not one persons fault in particular, without TIs and afk TP we needed to lead and we didntCrown: good job guysCrown: blackmaling number one was greatMartha Corey: lynch 8 Dolores: Yeah the afk doctor was terribleCrown: we got lucky with spyDay 7Dolores: On that note, still need to report himPotatoes: I mean jailor also did fuck all all gamePotatoes: Did absolutely NOTHINGDolores: Yeah but I don't think he was intentionally bad.iluveem: we all did fuck all, not one person deadiluveem: not one maf dead|Martha Corey: 10 is p000syiluveem: between town and ww, didnt come closeMartha Corey: will vote innoMartha Corey: bet allPotatoes: The Vet literally called out like 3 evils and no one did anything about itMartha Corey: btw it was kinda ez gameCrown: I don't careanonymoose: you're a pussy and won't attack me tonightCrown: jester may kill meMartha Corey: p000syPotatoes: I tried attacking the VIgilante but was jailedanonymoose: despite having the votes to lynch me tomorrow anymoreDefensehere we go again: i dont want thishere we go again: byehere we go again has left the game.JudgementMartha Corey: guilty this b0000000yCrown: what just happenedMartha Corey: let 10Martha Corey: sufferMartha Corey: -15 elo for Martha Corey: 8Martha Corey: clap clapCrown voted guilty.anonymoose voted guilty.Martha Corey voted guilty.Mary Warren voted innocent.Fibber we go again has been lynched.anonymoose: I don't know why Mary is so toxic being on the right side of a retarded townanonymoose: none of you played wellMartha Corey: e zMartha Corey: thats whyMartha Corey: bad townCrown: who are you to decide on thatMartha Corey: strong mafMary Warren: cause EZ GAMECrown: town was badMartha Corey: noob nkCrown: we deserve itMartha Corey: pathetic neNight 7Dolores: Martha is so annoyingly toxic.Crown: the game is going to randomize the attackCrown: rightCrown: attack of jesterPotatoes: LiterallyMary Warren: dunnoFibber: think soCrown: I guess soPotatoes: Mafia didn't particularly play well at all, town just killed itselfdCrown: dont cleanDolores: Hate players like that tbh.Potatoes: *ItselfFibber: bye byeDolores: Yeah. Day 8Martha Corey has been killed.Martha Corey attacked by a Veteran.Potatoes: Thank God.Dolores: But she's so self-congratulary about it.Martha Corey: p0000siePotatoes: I know she is.Potatoes: She's just irritating lol.Dolores: Yeah.Martha Corey: ez winPotatoes: You only won cause town fucked itself lo.Potatoes: *Lol.Martha Corey: ezMartha Corey: winMartha Corey: nice 1 killMartha Corey: whole gameDolores: Better a loser than someone as toxic as you, honestly. Martha Corey: ez winMartha Corey: doloresPotatoes: Cool, wanna medal for being a toxic dick?Fibber: should we stall the game out?Fibber: and just keep attackingFibber: or vote?anonymoose: yeah, one more timeCrown: we voteDefenseJudgementCrown: i don't like his attitudeCrown voted guilty.Mary Warren voted guilty.Fibber abstained.anonymoose has been lynched.GameOverMafia has won.End of Report
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