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Report ID: 2279687
Reported User: christiancooke97
Report Submitted: Mar. 16, 2019 12:42 am
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Inappropriate Username
Lobby00matthew2000: OMG00matthew2000: its game27ravenmeadows: im not lol00matthew2000: hi frien 00matthew2000: d00matthew2000: just kidding 00matthew2000: you're brazilianmonikaisbestgirl: she britishblueshades: oh really?slendycracker101: OMG Its pixelchanravenmeadows: they are brazilian?ravenmeadows: ooohblueshades: getempixelchan: helloslendycracker101: hes like the pixelmon of jackie chanmonikaisbestgirl: british ppl r brazilian00matthew2000: hi everyonePlayers are choosing namesMonika: i fvcking hate baked beansMatthew: my girl is so cuteDay 1Pax: Well fuckMatthews girl: ;ldfka nfioasjd fsidof jsapo jfBrendan: wowPax: Just kill me plsMonika: i have to censor my words so caroline doesnt beat meMatthew: interesting discourse everyoneMatthews girl: why oh whyPax: PlsMatthew: ohNight 1Matthews girl: welptrust me: lolMatthews girl: actually i like this roleMatthews girl: glMatthews girl: peopleCovenLeader made Vitamin target Pax.Honey checked Brendan.Vitamin checked Pax.Day 2Honey has left the me has been me attacked by a me has left the game.Matthew to Brendan: you're crus?Honey has been killed.Honey was attacked by a SerialKiller.Brendan to Matthew: oh yeahMatthew to Brendan: thanks lolMonika has been killed.Monika was attacked by the Mafia.Matthew to Matthews girl: hiMatthews girl to Matthew: i did nothingVitamin has been killed.Vitamin attacked by a Veteran.Matthew to Matthews girl: i'm calling 911 duhMatthews girl: rip monika daddy will make it all betterSkarso: This a big oofPax: Sheriff liedBrendan: shitMatthew: interestingPax: Or was transedMatthews girl: with a band aid duhBlo w Me: no she wontBlo w Me: she liesPax: I am vet they said they went to omegaBlo w Me: blow me got thisPax: Anyway i got sisguiserSkarso: I'mma claim this rnSkarso: Skarso the SpyN1: B:Monika(target attacked)(MV:Monika, Pax,What, Vitamin)Matthew to Brendan: there might be a hypnoMatthew: Pax what are you againPax: VetMatthews girl: they are vetMatthew: interestingBrendan to Matthew: sounds like itNight 2Vitamin: we have a medium?Vitamin: just to clear up any confusion i got witch'dMatthews girl: need some bad dead people lolVitamin has left the game.Cumb Dat Funt: trust me is mafMatthews girl: yesCovenLeader made Brendan target Skarso.Day 3Cumb Dat Funt has been killed.Cumb Dat Funt was attacked by a SerialKiller.Monika has been resurrected.Pax: Also it said i shot 3 people but only 2 died. So...idk.Brendan: witch found me where is this punk Skarso: N2:B:What (MV: BrendanX2, Matthew)Monika: thanks daddyMatthew: Yeah I think theres a HypnoMatthew: for sureLego Yoda to Matthews girl: did he seriously try to game throw?Matthew: Lego role?Skarso: brbBlo w Me: THANKS DADDY?Matthew: Lego YodaBlo w Me: WTFPax: Wish lo was on me but they woulda died =/Matthews girl to Lego Yoda: report himBrendan: legoMonika: sshhhBrendan: you gottaMatthew: Lego Yoda is slowMatthew: They're susMatthew: get em upLego Yoda: Okay, what cumb said is trueBlo w Me to Monika: I BROUGHT YOU BACK MISSY.Matthews girl: nice job mateMatthew: 1 more voteDefenseLego Yoda: He fucking cost the game for gamethrowing.Monika to Blo w Me: ON GOD THANK YOULego Yoda: Report the assholeLego Yoda to Matthews girl: sorry theres no pointJudgementSkarso to Monika: N2:B:What (MV: BrendanX2, Matthew)Matthew: who? Lego Yoda: cumbBlo w Me to Monika: caroline didnt do shit... slendy didMatthew: How'd they gamethrowLego Yoda: he gamethrewMatthews girl: they named covenLego Yoda: he listed the names in his willMatthews girl: get me nextPax: He put all coven i guessSkarso voted guilty.Omega abstained.Pax voted guilty.Monika abstained.John Hathorne abstained.Brendan voted guilty.Matthew voted guilty.what voted guilty.Blo w Me abstained.Matthews girl abstained.Lego Yoda: lMatthew: Oh, I mean it wasn't even listed as specifically coenLego Yoda has been lynched.Matthew: covenMatthew: but thanks for telling usMatthew: lolwhat: im not coven tho lol i voted himBrendan: llolNight 3Lego Yoda: I hope your happy cumbDay 4what has been killed.what was attacked by Necromancer.John Hathorne has left the game.Skarso to Monika: N3:B: Monika (MV:Blo w Me x2)Lego Yoda: Why did they not kill matthews girl?Matthew to Monika: you're a killerBlo w Me has been killed.what has forged the will.Blo w Me was attacked by the Mafia.Lego Yoda has left the game.what: why did coven kill me when i was a coven suspect? who knowsJohn Hathorne has been killed.John Hathorne was attacked by a SerialKiller.Blo w Me: maybe matthew is mafiaPax: So get 5?Matthew: Omega is evilMatthew: confirmedMatthews girl: yeah go for itMonika to Matthew: how a spy supposed to kill kskskskwhat: nah all mafia deadSkarso: N3:B: Monika (MV:Blo w Me x2)Matthew: he went after meMatthew: Hang himBrendan: caroline better not beMatthew: N2-Skarso. Lego, Omega, or John attacked me. Monika: i'm a spy cool ur tits chirren it's okayPax: 459 evilMatthew: get 4Matthew: 4 is SKPax: Who 1stMatthew: 4 SKMatthew: they're not denyingg itwhat has left the game.DefenseMonika to Matthew: i still hate baked beansMatthew to Monika: lol interestingSkarso to Matthew: are you psychic by ant chance?JudgementBrendan: hmmBrendan: guilty!Matthew voted guilty.Monika voted guilty.Brendan voted guilty.Skarso voted guilty.Matthews girl voted guilty.Pax voted guilty.Matthew to Skarso: yesOmega has been lynched.Matthew: damn Matthew: pscychic am I rightSkarso: yyetNight 4Necromancer made John Hathorne target Skarso.Day 5Monika: i love dying twiceSkarso has been killed.Skarso was attacked by the Mafia.Skarso was attacked by the Crusader.Skarso: oof double spy deathMonika: indeedMonika: this town hates me sighBlo w Me: when caroline and matthew is evilMonika has been killed.Monika attacked by a Veteran.Monika: oop im w slendy now tho so now i have someone to say random things toMonika: slendyBlo w Me: ikrMonika: do snails have bonesBlo w Me: im toxicBrendan to Matthew: we might be done for Pax: Monika...Monika: wordBlo w Me: noMatthew: So 1 maf, 1 crus, 1 vet, and a PB walk into a town? Monika: why notBlo w Me: wait do they?Matthews girl: rip girlMatthew: or Brendan: lolMatthew: noPax: If u town leave vet aloneMatthew: a necromancerSkarso has left the game.Monika: i'm not sure?Matthew: 1 crus, 1 vet, 1 necro, 1 PBMonika: i'll google itBlo w Me: i know they explode if you dump salt on themPax: Welp me and crus are goodMatthew: Caroline wanted to kill me yesterdayMatthew: lolPax: And yall dont know whem i alertedMatthews girl: no i didntMatthew: yes you didPax: Am i out?Matthew: pax said get 5Matthews girl: but you can kill mePax: Or nahMatthew: and you were likeMatthew: go for itMatthew: lolMatthews girl: im 5Matthews girl: lolMonika: so apparently their shell is considered a boneMatthew: but you are meMonika: wait so what about slugsMatthews girl: and you are killing mePax: Why vote vet crus wontNight 5Cumb Dat Funt: 5 is necroCumb Dat Funt: 8 is vetBlo w Me: slugs are like snailsCumb Dat Funt: 9 is pestCumb Dat Funt: 15 is crusBlo w Me: slugs dont have a shellMonika: so slugs have no bonesMonika: that's so sadMonika: like snakesMonika: they don't hae armsBlo w Me: ikrMonika: sighNecromancer made Omega target Pax.Day 6Monika: that's depressingBlo w Me: that isOmega: snakes have bonesBrendan has been killed.Brendan was attacked by Pestilence.Brendan attacked by a Veteran.Monika: ikMonika: but they have no armsMonika: how r they supposed to eat soupCumb Dat Funt: snakes are wormsMatthew: Fascinating Monika: orPax: Gdi. This has experience. Why crus?Monika: drinkOmega: maybe they are just one big armMonika: whatMatthew: WellMonika: omgPax: WHYMatthew: he did save youOmega: maybe they have only armMonika: omega you're a godMatthew: what a hero]Pax: NoMatthews girl: trueMonika: what if snakes are armsMatthew: you should die for being unthankfulMatthew: I would've killed youMatthews girl: he gets a medalPax: My alert didMonika: just an arm in generalMatthew: powerful attackOmega: yeahMatthews girl: i tried to kill him too lolMatthew: So did I lolMonika: oop i gotta goMatthew: he died to TWO peopleMatthews girl: poor paxMatthew: not oneMonika: bye chirrenMonika: slendy don't do drugsMatthew: #tax the paxBlo w Me: grab a bunch of snakes and call me doc snake octPax: I just said town stay away from vetMonika: alrightyCumb Dat Funt: IDIOTDefenseCumb Dat Funt: why would u vote vetBlo w Me: i used toMonika: also slend please tell matthew that i hate baked beansCumb Dat Funt: and not pest????Pax: No one voted with meMonika has left the game.Pax: Thankful for whatPax: Savant townBrendan: baked beans are amazingPax: UghJudgementMatthew: #relax pax Blo w Me: why?Pax has left the game.Matthews girl: wow pax is savageBrendan: i want some nowMatthew: maybe in the barbarian wayMatthew: not very smart lolMatthews girl voted guilty.Matthew voted guilty.Blo w Me: i ate 2 manwhich sandwichesPax has been lynched.Cumb Dat Funt: matthews girl is soooo fucking dumbBlo w Me: im fatCumb Dat Funt: WHY WOULD UU VOTE VET NOT PEST?Matthews girl: farewell my loveBlo w Me: cumb chill yo tattiesNight 6Necromancer made Brendan target Matthews girl.Day 7Cumb Dat Funt has left the game.Brendan: CAROLINEMatthew: Poor thingMatthews girl: thanks brendan lolMatthew: You wanted to give another bj?Matthews girl: ewww noBlo w Me: this happens a lotMatthews girl: to my horseMatthew: wow the video i'm just watching said "Ohhh Brenda YESSSS"Matthew: a bj to your horse?Matthew: i'm calling 911Matthews girl: what are you watching?Brendan: matthew what are ya watching buddyMatthew: law and order clipsNight 7Day 8Matthews girl: I gave it my allMatthews girl has been killed.Matthews girl was attacked by Pestilence.Brendan: right where she belongsBlo w Me: liesGameOverPestilence has won.Matthew: She really needed to stop horsing around Matthew: ggMatthews girl: ggBrendan: ggBlo w Me: you suckEnd of Report
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