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Report ID: 1830814
Reported User: christiancooke97
Report Submitted: Oct. 04, 2018 10:33 pm
# of reporters: 1
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Voting and exposing his mafia member on purpose as well as other mafia members because he disagrees with how the disguiser plays the game.
LobbyAtomZZZ: hey friendsAtomZZZ: anyone who says a bad word is now going to jailthrashandsmash: shitcoltkingcousin: darnAtomZZZ: your on thin fucking iceAtomZZZ: oh nothrashandsmash: fjkdsljfdsklthecatsaver: you're* Writ: Atomsmasher has joined the game.Players are choosing namespickles are good: team anyone?weed lesbian: sureDovahkiin: yeetDay 1cane daddy has revealed themselves as the Mayor.cane daddy: rektPhantom: BRUHa guy: i am jesterPhantom: whyDaddyIssues: gotempickles are good: welp save the matorDovahkiin: survivorpickles are good: mayorcane daddy: mator hahahahahaNight 1cane daddy: ohSmooth: sup pimpcane daddy: hicane daddy: who are you? Smooth: you can sleep in my crib tonightSmooth: i'm smoothcane daddy: legs: openSmooth: bet on that note pimpcane daddy: lmaocane daddy: glGuilty checked carmex.Day 2pickles are good has been killed.pickles are good was attacked by the Mafia.pickles are good: wellpickles are good: ggGuilty: medusa !pickles are good: lolGuilty has been killed.Guilty was attacked by Medusa.pickles are good: im on steam as you can see'pickles are good: are you?John Willard to cane daddy: testThe Town: Wasted a vest on nothing! I thought for sure you evils would visit me.cane daddy: what a horrible start The Town: not that bad caneGuilty: idkJohn Willard: n1 rb'd carmex but was attacked by the sk i rb'dJohn Willard: but i was healedJohn Willard: thaqnks docxpickles are good: whats your role?The Town: doc confirm?cane daddy: so you think carmex iğs sk? cane daddy: is*cane daddy: wowYsiv: YSIV the Invest: N1: Phantom- Doc/Disg/Sk/PM Guilty: i was sheriffpickles are good: ofPhantom: tis truepickles are good: ohThe Town: bummer for phantomPhantom: but i was also rbedThe Town: he's deadnow either wayPhantom: so i cant be skpickles are good: i was killed ny mafiaDefensepickles are good: not sk Guilty: carmex is medusacarmex: im not sk btwThe Town to Full: I'll kill you tonight. Sorry.pickles are good: ohcarmex: so hes lyingJudgementcane daddy: might be jesterJohn Willard: then couinter claim? will?carmex: but whateverrDaddyIssues: he looks more like a vampire to meThe Town: This means he's evilThe Town: but not SKDaddyIssues: (get it?cane daddy: but yeah looks evil Ysiv to Phantom: if youre not on mayor can you be on mePhantom to Ysiv: sure why not?cane daddy voted guilty.Nillie Welson voted guilty.John Willard voted guilty.Phantom voted guilty.Full abstained.The Town voted guilty.Dovahkiin abstained.weed lesbian abstained.DaddyIssues voted guilty.a guy abstained.Ysiv abstained.Smooth abstained.Phantom to Ysiv: doctors can't heal revealed mayorscarmex has been lynched.Ysiv to Phantom: oh whoopsThe Town: kill phantomThe Town: he's evil obviouslyYsiv: he docPhantom: or dontThe Town: no he's notYsiv: kill the towncane daddy: oof now onto the maf we go budsJohn Willard: heheehPhantom: i literally cant be skThe Town: fake claiming skNight 2Nillie Welson: the town is killing full tonightSmooth: what you got going on pimp?Nillie Welson: also willard youre a retardYsiv: i got doc on meYsiv: lolpickles are good: wiwJohn Willard: probs of disguiserDaddyIssues: lmaopickles are good: wowSmooth: yeahpickles are good: he leftJohn Willard: only useful in deathGuilty: they loseDaddyIssues: oDaddyIssues: pls dontSmooth decided to execute DaddyIssues.Day 3DaddyIssues has been killed.weed lesbian to pickles are good: you said team so we teampickles are good to weed lesbian: thxpickles are good has been resurrected.The Town: Put up the guy who claimed carmex was sk now.Phantom: pickles are good rbed me N1. If i was SK it would have said pickles are good was killed by a serial killer. and it didn't.cane daddy: lets get phantom shall we? John Willard: yeahThe Town: yespickles are good: phantom is not skYsiv to Smooth: N2: Smooth- Spy/BM/Jailor/GA i dont wanna say it publicly in case youre jailorPhantom: thank youJohn Willard: hang the guy whonf ramed carmez!pickles are good: i was killed bu mafiaThe Town: wllardPhantom: dont do that either. it was a guesspickles are good: not skcane daddy: well then cane daddy: we need to find the sk Smooth to Ysiv: mayor can confirmThe Town: willard claimed rb'ing medusa and attacked by skPhantom: that'd be gooda guy: is there even an sk? no ones been killed by one yetYsiv to cane daddy: N2: Smooth- Spy/BM/Jailor/GA is smooth jailorJohn Willard: yeha hang the guy who hung carmex!pickles are good: if there is an skThe Town: willard upThe Town: he lied about carmexPhantom: why again?DefenseNillie Welson to Smooth: can you exe me tonight?John Willard: waitJohn Willard: whatJohn Willard: not meJohn Willard: dafuqNillie Welson to Smooth: mafia is too retardedYsiv to Smooth: cant whisper to mayor tho....John Willard: STOP ITJohn Willard: inno this!JudgementPhantom: he claimed he rbed him and was attacked and assumed it was serial killer. thats not a lieThe Town: also, if there are vampires, please bite me and then i'll bite the mayor.pickles are good: i can role block him were is the leadsThe Town: guiltyJohn Willard: INNO THISJohn Willard: NOWJohn Willard: QUICKThe Town: mehJohn Willard: ARGHThe Town voted guilty.Nillie Welson voted innocent.Smooth abstained.a guy abstained.Full voted guilty.Dovahkiin voted guilty.Phantom voted innocent.pickles are good abstained.weed lesbian abstained.Ysiv voted guilty.cane daddy abstained.John Willard: I WILL GET REVENGEJohn Willard: FROM THE GRAVEJohn Willard: HAHADaddyIssues: yeetJohn Willard has been lynched.The Town: I don't think you willPhantom: nor do icane daddy: amazing Nillie Welson: please report this autistThe Town: well, his dino criedThe Town: i guess there's thatNillie Welson: worst disguiser everPhantom to Ysiv: im healing escortDovahkiin: just to refresh y'all's memory i am survivorNight 3Ysiv: 4 is jailorSmooth: why pimpNillie Welson: thanksYsiv: uh ohSmooth: why you do this to yourselfSmooth: no faithNillie Welson: bc maf threwNillie Welson: what did daddys claim?Smooth: the revealed mayor?Nillie Welson: how tf do u get executed n2?Nillie Welson: no gfSmooth: ohSmooth: daddyNillie Welson: what did he claimSmooth: he didn't claimNillie Welson: wtfNillie Welson: retarded mafSmooth: lolSmooth decided to execute Nillie Welson.Day 4Nillie Welson: daddysNillie Welson: wtfPhantom to pickles are good: ya know, i was healing you the night you rbed me and diedNillie Welson: why didnt u claimNillie Welson has been killed.John Willard: you're an idiot manpickles are good to Phantom: lolJohn Willard: if you kept your mouth shutNillie Welson: no you areJohn Willard: you wouldnt dieJohn Willard: in vainNillie Welson: YOU SAID MEDUSA WAS SKNillie Welson: WTFNillie Welson: WHYJohn Willard: no oyu decided to make my disguiser life harderJohn Willard: than i shouldpickles are good to Phantom: ysiv is not skNillie Welson: and gf didnt even claimThe Town: That's what he gets for switching around the first letters of his name. gj jailorcane daddy: ah jailor and i are somehow connected by the heart for i was suspicious of nillie as well John Willard: no wonder you'rebronze rank and i'm adiamondJohn Willard: sighJohn Willard: nvmJohn Willard: you're dumbThe Town: The Town has thiscane daddy: such romanceDaddyIssues: lmao this game has ranks>Nillie Welson: i got 2000 wins eat my dickpickles are good: ysiv is not ska guy: im sure you werecane daddy: my legs are open The Town: that's finecane daddy: jil me daddyDaddyIssues: i tab back in to see that ecksdeecane daddy: SHITYsiv: YSIV the Invest: N1: Phantom- Doc/Disg/Sk/PM N2: Smooth- Spy/BM/Jailor/GA N3: a guy- Roleblocked cane daddy: I MEANT JAIL*Phantom: do we even have a serial killer?pickles are good: phantom is docPhantom: no kills by onePhantom: and yes, i amThe Town: let's put 1 upcane daddy: i think we dont bc i checked Dovahkiin: yeah no SK killapickles are good: nahcane daddy: and didnt see any Dovahkiin: kills*Nillie Welson: lol voting retcane daddy: why are we getting 1? pickles are good: ill rb her if you wantThe Town: we need infoa guy: to be heard, no sk kills, if there is one hes afk or just unluckyYsiv: too quietPhantom to cane daddy: yoNight 4The Town: hi!The Town: I'm vet.The Town: 2 alerts used.Smooth: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSmooth: idkSmooth: i'm gonna kill yaThe Town: Reallllly thought they'd kill me day 1 for my nameThe Town: Dude, don't do that.Smooth: ehhhhThe Town: you lose your last one.The Town: and with no basisSmooth: gotta go one way or anotherSmooth: 2/3 aint badThe Town: and you know htisSmooth decided to execute The Town.Day 5The Town: it is actuallySmooth: 2/3 aint badSmooth: lolThe Town has been killed.The Town: jailor is dumbSmooth: fuck you dickThe Town: nopeThe Town: youSmooth has been killed.Smooth was attacked by the Mafia.Smooth: say that to the two mafia i killed pimpThe Town: nah, i said it to the moderatorcane daddy: shit this isnt ok Ysiv: N4: Pickles- Escort/Trans/Consort/Hypno pickles are good: weed is goodDovahkiin: whoever RB'ed me wasted a roleblock, I'm just a survivorFull: YSIV IS MASSmooth: like i know who that ispickles are good: she revied mecane daddy: 9 role? Full: N4. Smooth vb YsivThe Town: smoothPhantom: pickles literally died and came backYsiv: im invest?a guy: jesterSmooth: towna guy: claimed it day 1weed lesbian: pickles is escort i brought them back when they diedThe Town: probably an arso/hex gameThe Town: or pbpickles are good: she is goodSmooth: mayor will figure it outYsiv: im susp of fullThe Town: mayor is dumbThe Town: he'll die nowSmooth: lolcane daddy: ok what kind of jester clims like thatcane daddy: claim* cane daddy: I CANT TYPEpickles are good: ysiv is not ska guy: one who wants you to be suspicious of him and hang him lolPhantom: just rb him. i dont think its himDefenseFull: It's all in my willFull: you will seeJudgementpickles are good: i rbed ysiv and i will rb fullcane daddy: post your will? Phantom: yeah but a mafioso has died since thenYsiv: False LO claim i visited picklespickles are good: i will rb himPhantom: could have been promotedDovahkiin abstained.a guy abstained.Ysiv voted guilty.cane daddy abstained.Phantom abstained.pickles are good abstained.weed lesbian abstained.Smooth: 1 vote lolFull has been lynched.Phantom: to be fair i was in the middle of clicking guiltycane daddy: we getin ysiv tomorrow Smooth: damn pimp you don't wanna post a will or nothingNight 5Smooth: wtf was that fullDay 6pickles are good: >:) nt ysiv im rb :)Phantom: i feel very betrayedcane daddy: im confusedYsiv: mafioso is framing meGuilty: lolYsiv: they didnt attack so that i would look suspYsiv: im investcane daddy: what are you then? cane daddy: ohcane daddy: post your will a guy: consig turned mafiosopickles are good: will?Ysiv: whats 15?DefenseYsiv: YSIV the Invest: N1: Phantom- Doc/Disg/Sk/PM N2: Smooth- Spy/BM/Jailor/GA N3: Roleblocked N4: Pickles- Escort/Trans/Consort/Hypno N5: RoleblYsiv: 15 hasnt claimedJudgementcane daddy: innoYsiv: lynch to confirm if you have topickles are good: omg hes investPhantom: wait innocenta guy: 15 claimed survPhantom: he said that D2Dovahkiin: i've said survivor 5 timesPhantom: INNOCENTpickles are good: hes innoDovahkiin: i said d1Phantom voted innocent.weed lesbian voted innocent.Dovahkiin abstained.cane daddy voted innocent.a guy abstained.pickles are good voted innocent.Ysiv: get the surv claimFull: Omg...Defensea guy: yall need to fuckin pay attention, but sure XDPhantom to Ysiv: my badYsiv to Phantom: all gooda guy: you wanna know why i claimed jester? it was an experimenta guy: to see who actually reads thingsYsiv to Phantom: understandablea guy: wills, chat whateverJudgementa guy: clearly you guys dontcane daddy: im kind of suspicious of this dude for just went Im A jEsTeR pickles are good: that was fasta guy: but sure, hang me instead of confirmed mafPhantom: who?cane daddy: idc at this point Phantom voted guilty.weed lesbian abstained.pickles are good abstained.cane daddy voted guilty.Ysiv voted guilty.Dovahkiin abstained.a guy: ysiv, lookout saw him visit last nighta guy has been lynched.Guilty: lolPhantom: that leaves 1 and 15cane daddy: i hope he picks me weed lesbian: im ret...Ysiv: maf pls kill tonight so i dont look suspPhantom: ok 15weed lesbian: ive claimed so many timesPhantom: sorryNight 6Full: Please kill 5a guy: tbh im picking 13 cause towns fuckin dumb XDFull: ^a guy: they had their chance to win and they blew itDay 7cane daddy: ah the sweet release of death pickles are good has been killed.pickles are good was attacked by a Jester.a guy: i just feel for the survpickles are good: welppickles are good: occane daddy has been killed.cane daddy was attacked by the Mafia.Full: Lookout wills apparently mean nothing to this particular town.a guy: yep XDpickles are good: gj a guy :)pickles are good: its either 5 or 1a guy: its 5cane daddy: that death note is hot afPhantom: went afk and didn't rb the mafioso...Ysiv: N6: 15 vigi/vet/mafioso/pirate/ambusherDovahkiin: i was rbed cant be mafa guy: you legita guy: got brought back, by the retYsiv: boisPhantom: N5Ysiv: we gotemPhantom: last night was N6a guy: and only 1 person claimed reta guy: and you want to hang them???pickles are good: yup thats truePhantom: nice try thoughFull: It's 5... DID YOU EVEN READ MY WILLcane daddy: we got em as in how many maf are there alive? pickles are good: not the hanging parta guy: theres 1 maf leftpickles are good: 2 or 1a guy: max is 4Ysiv to Phantom: 15 is false survcane daddy: i seepickles are good: max is 5Phantom to Ysiv: yes i gatheredcane daddy: full you threw the game cane daddy: you should have posted your will Defensea guy: used to be 5 when vamps were released, then they downed it to 4 with covenpickles are good: they are dumba guy: HE DID RELEASE HIS WILLcane daddy: thanks a guy a guy: HE TOLD YOUPhantom to weed lesbian: thank god, for a hot second i thought you were afkcane daddy: after he diedDovahkiin: i already have my survivor win award so get it over with plezFull: OmgJudgementYsiv: N6: weed- med/Jan/Ret/nec/trap a guy: no he didnt, he did it as he was on the standcane daddy: what? did i miss weed lesbian to Phantom: i was talking to my roommate sorryPhantom: yeah, they brought back picklesa guy: clearly no one in this town can readcane daddy: why didnt i see Phantom to weed lesbian: you voted, so it's all goodweed lesbian voted guilty.Ysiv voted guilty.Phantom voted guilty.cane daddy: can you be more civil guy? Smooth: i feel bad for exe veteran now but damn y'all fell apart quickDovahkiin: im not rebaDovahkiin has been lynched.a guy: ive tried to be civil XDcane daddy: we did lol Ysiv: exactlypickles are good: sorry dovah 5 is mafiaa guy: but you guys didnt read me being civil lolYsiv: weed isYsiv: so you mafPhantom: WAITweed lesbian: weed is not oh my GODPhantom: WHATcane daddy: oofNight 7Smooth: it's the eye of the tigerpickles are good: phantom he played uscane daddy: ok so let me go back to the day of full's execution cane daddy: and im going to check if he posted his will while on the stand Smooth: lol so full didn't post willDovahkiin: was last night not n5?pickles are good: idkcane daddy: yeah he didnt, he just died cane daddy: and like Smooth: what a bitchDay 8cane daddy: ItS iN My WiLLPhantom has been killed.Phantom was attacked by the Mafia.cane daddy: idk this round sucked asspickles are good: ysiv played usPhantom: did you read your will??pickles are good: plaed us goodpickles are good: playedpickles are good: dangFull: You guys read my will AFTER I died... Right???weed lesbian: ohh i get it nowYsiv: wow weed lesbian: fair enoughPhantom: how did he know i was doctor D2? consig turned mafioso?weed lesbian: good jobYsiv: my heart is racingcane daddy: well you wouldnt die if you posted it on the stand a guy: i read it as you posted it, before you even got hungpickles are good: we got played XDcane daddy: we lost a vote with you as well weed lesbian: nice dudeYsiv: thanks, appreciate itcane daddy: when the hell did they post? a guy: like, right after the jailor died?cane daddy: lemme check weed lesbian: i was confused why you kept trying to call me out when i was confirmed since day threeYsiv: i was so scared lol i thought i was for sure gonna get lyncheda guy: he said "i dont trust ysiv "n4 smooth - visited by ysiv" and that was when jailor diedweed lesbian: lmao youre lucky as helllllYsiv: i was on the stand like twice i thinkNight 8pickles are good: welppickles are good: he is goodDovahkiin: i was hoping someone would ask for my will no one ever didcane daddy: i checked cane daddy: so yeah full posted one line Day 9cane daddy: and we hung him for not posting more apparently pickles are good: he must of played along time to know all the investpickles are good: wait whatweed lesbian has been killed.weed lesbian was attacked by the Mafia.cane daddy: i wish you were more furious full cane daddy: you sounded very weak pickles are good: he called the investpickles are good: im dumbGuilty: he didn't defend himselfGuilty: its his fault he diedcane daddy: yes he didnt cane daddy: i agree GameOverMafia has won.cane daddy: so overall this round sucked big assSmooth: ggYsiv: clutch up boispickles are good: gj ysiv we got played i did not see cane daddy: gg budsYsiv: thankspickles are good: that you said invest instedpickles are good: of sherifEnd of Report
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