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Report ID: 1724311
Reported User: Mellon12
Report Submitted: Sep. 09, 2018 8:31 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate IGN
LobbyBDP777: fucking botsRobtheKnob: / repickdirtysprite69: Bots need to be killed with chlorine gasPlayers are choosing namesDay 1Real Dumb Hours: Anyone wanna go to spaceNight 1Cotton Mather: yoSad Nibba Hours: suplisamarie: roleSad Nibba Hours: sending him into vet maybeJames Russel: spy my dudeTransporter swapped nate with Cotton Mather.ShadowsGather investigated lisamarie.Grits investigated Freak.Day 2Freak has been killed.Freak attacked by a Veteran.Real Dumb Hours has been killed.Real Dumb Hours was attacked by the Mafia.Grits: ww or arso game?Patek Water: who knowsGrits: also there goes ts tpPatek Water: we'll figure out tomorrowGrits: trueShadowsGather to lisamarie: Role?Grits: was anyone witched or trans?Cotton Mather: i was transportedKailycute: i wasntNight 2Cotton Mather: should i forge someones will?James Russel: i am still spy you knowSad Nibba Hours: tomorrowSad Nibba Hours: net yetCotton Mather: got itPi: not yet but we do need to attackTransporter swapped Pi with lisamarie.ShadowsGather investigated Sad Nibba Hours.Grits investigated neegerflucker.lisamarie decided to execute James Russel.Day 3James Russel has been killed.neegerflucker has left the game.nate has left the game.Grits has been killed.Grits was attacked by the Mafia.maryann has left the game.lisamarie has left the game.Patek Water to Cotton Mather: yo im witch, are you mafia? we should team upShadowsGather: 11 is GF or ArsoShadowsGather: But we dead anywayShadowsGather: Jailor just left after they fucked upKailycute: why is everyone leaving?!Cotton Mather: why did everyone start leavingPatek Water to Dirty Dirty Jew: yo r u mafia, I'm witch lets team upNight 3Cotton Mather: patek is witchPi: lmaoPi: ggSad Nibba Hours: at least vet leftSad Nibba Hours: thats goodPi: maybeShadowsGather investigated Pi.Day 4Kailycute has been killed.Kailycute was ignited by an Arsonist.ShadowsGather has been killed.ShadowsGather was attacked by the Mafia.Sad Nibba Hours has been killed.Sad Nibba Hours was ignited by an Arsonist.neegerflucker has been killed.nate has been killed.maryann has been killed.lisamarie has been killed.Patek Water: dafuqCotton Mather: so dirty dirty jew is an arsonist, isnt that ironic...Pi: ggDirty Dirty Jew: No uPi: no hes otPi: ontPi: notCotton Mather: 2 maf and a witch vs arsp lolPi: ffsPatek Water: I got all of u guys LMAOPatek Water: gonna get my first W as arsoDirty Dirty Jew: I didnt even care about winning i just wanted 6 people deadCotton Mather: either way its 3 to 1Patek Water: I'm jester lolDirty Dirty Jew: Vote pi Pi: vote first jewDirty Dirty Jew: Nah piCotton Mather: hehePi: end the gamePatek Water: vote me upPatek Water: I'm jesterDirty Dirty Jew: Not me thats racistPatek Water: Get mePi: or you dieDirty Dirty Jew: just cuz im jewishPi: kay thenNight 4Pi: should've listneedCotton Mather: are you doused?Pi: idkKailycute: med?Cotton Mather: it would have told youPi: i guess not because im alivePi: no it doesntPi: not anymoreCotton Mather: noiceDay 5Patek Water has been killed.Patek Water was attacked by the Mafia.Sad Nibba Hours: LmaoPatek Water: ripDirty Dirty Jew: Dont be racist thenPi: you shouldve listenedPi: and not liedPi: i dont like lyersDirty Dirty Jew: Dont hang me up your racistDirty Dirty Jew: I never liedDirty Dirty Jew: I just said no uPi: well youre not wrongCotton Mather: and i basically do whatever he wants sooooooDirty Dirty Jew: Dont be racist ShadowsGather: Hey guys. I'm the lobby bot. Do you love me?Dirty Dirty Jew: I'll get u on the ADLCotton Mather: it would be racist to not pick youPatek Water: I would've died and lost anyways Pi you dirty f*cking n/g/rPi: if i didnt already lose two tonightDirty Dirty Jew: Nah racistDefenseDirty Dirty Jew: OMG REPORTEDDirty Dirty Jew: RACIST SCUMDirty Dirty Jew: Just cuz im a jewJudgementDirty Dirty Jew: FFSPi: i would let you win but i already lost two out of threeDirty Dirty Jew: PuussyPi: sorry budCotton Mather voted guilty.Pi voted guilty.Dirty Dirty Jew: I HATE JEWSDirty Dirty Jew: Had to be saidDirty Dirty Jew has been lynched.GameOverMafia has won.Pi: ggSad Nibba Hours: GGShadowsGather: I'm the lobby bot, go ahead and report, won't stop meCotton Mather: i did literally nothing that gameEnd of Report
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