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Report ID: 1642320
Reported User: Mellon12
Report Submitted: Aug. 23, 2018 4:43 pm
# of reporters: 5
Reported Reason: Spamming
Details: Day 1
Day 2
Lobbytahanas: I didn't claim mayor tahanas: repickkkkPlayers are choosing namesno has left the game.Day 1gay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAMayor: I'm notgrocky: hi guysGlock: Shooter I am going to expose you. YOU ARE BOB LEE SWAGGERgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIANight 1Mayor checked Cookie.Day 2Mayor has been killed.Mayor was attacked by the has been killed.ConfusedTown: lolShooter: I was rbedConfusedTown: medium down oofSucked: spy come outgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIASucked: Tell maf visitsConfusedTown: nogay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAConfusedTown: your jestergay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIASucked: And someone check himgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgrocky: lolConfusedTown: thats spamgay: IM MAFIABlue: Stopgay: IM MAFIAgrocky: thi mangay: IM MAFIASucked: Don't hang don't executegay: IM MAFIASucked: only checkShooter: How do you ignore people?gay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIASucked: /.ignore 1gay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAShooter: / ignore 1grocky: check him invesgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIASucked: or sheriffgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIASucked: Any SPY?Green: sheriff deadgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIANight 2gay: IM MAFIAgay: IM MAFIAgay: lol jesterMayor: Hm?gay: dangitgay: IM MAFIAGlock decided to execute gay.Day 3SayByeToDeath has been killed.SayByeToDeath was attacked by the Mafia.Cookie has been killed.Cookie was attacked by a Werewolf.SayByeToDeath: oofgay has been killed.Sucked: Glock rolegrocky: lol this guy is actually mafia ....Glock: lolConfusedTown: lolGlock: What is your role?Navy: well that guy... lolSucked: tell me firstSucked: firstlyConfusedTown: im werewolfSucked: get glock Glock: no sorry.My momma told me not to trust strangers xD my Town of Salem mommaDefenseSayByeToDeath: nice job gayGlock: I am fucking jailor idiots. So If you tell me who to jail i am uresSucked to Glock: mayorJudgementSayByeToDeath: uhuhSucked: INOOSucked: INNOSucked: INNOSucked: NNOSucked: INNOGlock: If ya kill me no jailor for yaSucked has revealed themselves as the Mayor.Shooter voted innocent.Midnight Grape voted innocent.ConfusedTown abstained.Navy voted innocent.Thrillhouse voted innocent.Green voted innocent.grocky voted innocent.Sucked voted innocent.Blue voted innocent.Sucked: GET 4Sucked: 4 ROLESucked: 4 ROLEThrillhouse: vig hreThrillhouse: ill shoot 5 tnDefenseThrillhouse: vigilanteThrillhouse: ill shoot 5 tnThrillhouse: we should vfr today thoThrillhouse: because not many RT leftThrillhouse: only 1 rt leftJudgementConfusedTown: sucked pls no use caps wait why me?Sucked: INNO THEN GET 5 Thrillhouse: ill shoot 5Thrillhouse: he could be jesterShooter: 5 could be jesterThrillhouse: 2 roleThrillhouse: get 2 upThrillhouse: Navy roleSucked: 12Sucked: 12Sucked: 12Sucked: 12ConfusedTown: sucked where the fuck is your proof killing a escortGreen voted innocent.grocky abstained.Navy voted innocent.Midnight Grape voted innocent.Shooter abstained.Glock voted guilty.Blue abstained.ConfusedTown abstained.Sucked voted innocent.Sucked: MAYOR SAYSSucked: 12Thrillhouse: dumb townSucked: ı'M DEADNight 3grocky: suckedgrocky: need to be killgrocky: or glock ConfusedTown has left the game.grocky: bcs glock is jailorDay 4Glock has been killed.Glock was attacked by the Mafia.Glock: EKS DEEConfusedTown has been killed.Thrillhouse: forger gameBlue: wft ?? Doc??Navy: really appreciate that will of yours jailor! Thrillhouse: keep vfrShooter: N3. 10 vb grocky- Grocky killed the jailor. Grocky is mafiaThrillhouse: Navt what is your roleBlue: Blue the SheriffN1: Thrillhouse NS/GFN2: Glock NS/GFN3: Shooter mafiaN4:Shooter: N3. 10 vb grockyShooter: N3. 10 vb grockyNavy: get grocky!Blue: Shooter maffSucked: GET 15Thrillhouse: Shooter and Blue both claim last RTShooter: Blue is a liar tooThrillhouse: what is navys role thoShooter: N3. 10 vb grockyShooter: N3. 10 vb grockyBlue: noBlue: Blue the SheriffN1: Thrillhouse NS/GFN2: Glock NS/GFN3: Shooter mafiaN4:Shooter: N3. 10 vb grockyThrillhouse to Navy: what is your roleShooter: I wa son jailorNavy to Thrillhouse: I'm escort.Thrillhouse: 3 RT claimsThrillhouse to Navy: post willDefensegrocky: lol me?Navy to Thrillhouse: Navy the EscortN1: ShooterN2: SayByeToDeathN3: Someone tried to rb me.N4: Midnight GrapeN5: grocky: why me Thrillhouse to Navy: who u rb n3JudgementSucked: witch and mafia talking Shooter: Blue is a mafia member or either im being framed. N3. 10 vb grockyShooter: N3. 10 vb grockyShooter: N3. 10 vb grockyShooter: GUILTYThrillhouse: mayor you are awfulNavy to Thrillhouse: the dead escortNavy voted guilty.Thrillhouse voted guilty.Midnight Grape voted guilty.Shooter voted guilty.Green voted guilty.Blue voted guilty.Sucked voted guilty.grocky: gggrocky has been lynched.Shooter: Blue youre gonna be shot tonight cause.... you called me a mafia member and im notShooter: unless theres a framerBlue: But im sheriff ? Sucked: get 4Shooter: or youre thr framerBlue: I dont know ? Night 4grocky: test?Midnight Grape: who's mayor?Green: suckedgrocky: kill Navygrocky: NavyDay 5grocky: kill NavyShooter: Role callSucked: ?Thrillhouse: nice!!!!Shooter: Role callSucked: rolecallThrillhouse: so there ius an escortNavy: I rb'd midnightThrillhouse: AWESOMENavy: no deathThrillhouse: good work navySucked: ROLE CALLShooter: Midnight is the mafiosoShooter: thenSucked: ROLE AND WILLThrillhouse: Midnight upSucked: ROLE AND WILLSucked: OR HANGBlue: SheriffShooter: Blue is a liarThrillhouse: Navy claims escortThrillhouse: Blue claims SheriffBlue: Blue the SheriffN1: Thrillhouse NS/GFN2: Glock NS/GFN3: Shooter mafiaN4: Green NS/GFSucked: ROLE AND WILLThrillhouse: I'm vigilanteSucked: OR HANGThrillhouse: Sucked is MayorSucked: GREEN ROLEShooter: Lets hang midnightSucked: GREEN ROLEThrillhouse: Green never said yet did heThrillhouse: Green what is your roleThrillhouse: ?Navy: rb'd him 2 nights in a row, he never claimedDefenseMidnight Grape: Yes please!kJudgementThrillhouse: what is greenSucked: OhhSucked: JEster maybeThrillhouse to Navy: try RB green tnThrillhouse voted guilty.Sucked abstained.Blue voted guilty.Shooter voted guilty.Navy voted guilty.Green abstained.Navy to Thrillhouse: will doMidnight Grape has been lynched.Thrillhouse: niceThrillhouse: thats a good signMidnight Grape: :DMidnight Grape: :DShooter: Blue might be a mafia memberThrillhouse: 14 what is your roleThrillhouse: LOThrillhouse: ?Sucked: shooter isSucked: forgerShooter: im LOSucked: get him Shooter: I caught the GFSucked: tomorrowThrillhouse: he didShooter: I CAUGHT THE GHFNight 5Day 6Blue has been killed.Blue was attacked by a Vigilante.Thrillhouse to Navy: good job u found last mafiosoThrillhouse to Navy: it was green rightThrillhouse to Navy: ?Navy to Thrillhouse: yupSucked: shooter please Thrillhouse: nice so Gren is last mafiaShooter: oh.... that makes senseNavy: GReen was rb'd.Thrillhouse: GreenGreen: ggThrillhouse: it's Green confirmedGreen: i guessShooter: Sucked can you stopThrillhouse: Sucked you are awfulSucked: ShooterThrillhouse: lolGreen: report gay plsSucked: is forgerGreen: he ruined the gameShooter: Such a stupid mayorSucked: Lookout/Forger/Witch?Thrillhouse: yah report gay for gamethrowingSucked: He claim lookoutSucked: He is forgerNavy: dudeThrillhouse: there is room for LONavy: ayorSucked: believe meShooter: I caught grockyNavy: mayorShooter: idiotThrillhouse: there's only 1 TI deadDefenseNavy to Thrillhouse: wtf is going on right now?Navy to Thrillhouse: lolJudgementThrillhouse: ITS GREEN YOU IDIOT GREEN IS THE FINAL MAFIA THIS IS THE ONLY OTHER TI CLAIMShooter: Im LOSucked: GuiltyShooter: Make that thing go Gra ta ta taaaaN1. 5 vb- rbedn2. sucked- vb no oneN3. 10 vb grockyn4. Gonna be on mayor but imdead- mayor vbn5. mayor- vbThrillhouse: THERE ARE NO MORE TI CLAIMSNavy: There is only one mafia leftNavy: and it's greenThrillhouse to Navy: block green againNavy voted innocent.Green voted guilty.Sucked voted guilty.Thrillhouse voted innocent.Shooter has been lynched.Thrillhouse to Navy: ill shoot him tn anyway - hope hes madioso and not GFNavy: this mayor... omg. He's bad! Night 6Day 7Green has been killed.Green was attacked by a Vigilante.GameOverTown has won.Sucked: RM is forger I don't trust himShooter: ReportedNavy: gg to all but mayor, lol! Thrillhouse: mayor u were bad at this gameSucked: This is not gamethrowSucked: Loout forger witchSucked: too susp broThrillhouse: it wasntSucked: Unlucky roleThrillhouse: it was not a witch gameThrillhouse: jester was already outSucked: ButSucked: forgerSucked: RM is forgerThrillhouse: there was no forgerSucked: you don't understandThrillhouse: last mad had to be mafiosoSucked: look jailor willThrillhouse: last maf had to be mafiosoEnd of Report
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