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Report ID: 1289447
Reported User: EnemyController
Report Submitted: Apr. 21, 2018 6:06 pm
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Advertising stream in will and didn't attempt to hide any information about the ongoing game
Streamed game to rest of town
LobbyKERSTYNHASAIDS: TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM TOWN OF SALEM STREAM dudeEnemyController: that is at is a trapEnemyController: and he leaves, goodPlayers are choosing namespoki: 1Jailor: sup penis headspoki: Roast: Boysteezy: yikessteezy: stfuNight 1Money Sucks: kekJailor checked Lizardman.poki investigated Jailor.Day 2macro has been killed.macro died guarding someone.EnemyController: damnit GFEnemyController has been killed.EnemyController was attacked by a BodyGuard.macro: dude, sorry about that. EnemyController: its fine, good protectEnemyController: i cant get madFreddie: so?Libquote has left the game.Jailor: guysJailor: go on his streamJailor: and find out whos mafpoki: no random lynchEnemyController: Id love to kill maf n1, its a guessing gameClinical Roast: DudeClinical Roast: Come oneJailor: CarrotLizardman: thats not niceClinical Roast: Come allJailor: is god fatherJailor: carrot is godfathermacro: lolmacro: yeahCarrot: ?Carrot: no?Clinical Roast: Lyunch Jailor plsJailor: lol?Jailor: look at his streamLizardman: fuck u dudeJailor: Roast: Fuck u manCarrot: he's actually ghosting?steezy: yikes dudeDefenseJailor: lulJailor: glJailor: dont post your streamJailor: in your willJailor: with your 3 viewersJudgementJailor: carrot is gf thoJailor: so have funJailor: voting on a sheriffClinical Roast: KysJailor: coolLizardman: yeah get outta herepoki abstained.Lizardman voted guilty.Freddie voted guilty.ticktackforever abstained.Money Sucks voted guilty.Smok abstained.Deodat Lawson voted innocent.steezy abstained.Clinical Roast voted guilty.derp voted guilty.Carrot voted guilty.Jailor: lose this game towniesJailor has been lynched.EnemyController: get rektJailor: hahaJailor: dont post yourEnemyController: lolderp: u really should be bannedJailor: streamJailor: whats the pointNight 2Jailor: you get no viewersFreddie: Role?Lizardman: hello dudeCarrot: ghosting is lameMoney Sucks: yeahLizardman: i speak for the ded peopleEnemyController: well if you bother to go to my stream you see i dont have 3 viewers lolMoney Sucks: That sucksLizardman: thats about allJailor: neither said threeFreddie: okJailor: i said 6Jailor: lmaoFreddie: med i'm 10Jailor: illiterate afpoki investigated Money Sucks.Day 3derp has been killed.derp was attacked by the Mafia.Libquote has been killed.Carrot: whatticktackforever: I say hang carrot. I tryed to shoot him as vigilanti. but his defence was to strongLizardman: okFreddie: i agreeticktackforever: gf?Carrot: vig wrote LO will lolticktackforever: hang carrotsteezy: i think smok is mafCarrot: vig just diedSmok: This is shit the Maf guy streamed to everyoneCarrot: ticktack is exeticktackforever: I am vigSmok: that's just unfairticktackforever: there is 2 vigDefenseCarrot: right, this game is ruined alreadyCarrot: fuck you, ghosterJudgementClinical Roast: sorry manClinical Roast voted guilty.Deodat Lawson voted guilty.Lizardman voted guilty.steezy abstained.Smok abstained.poki voted guilty.Money Sucks voted guilty.ticktackforever voted guilty.Freddie voted guilty.Carrot has been lynched.Night 3Jailor: dont say fuck you to me, say fuck you to the maf who put his stream in his willLizardman: hello ded peopleFreddie: role?Jailor: sup broCarrot: hiSmok: Jester :(Jailor: money sucksJailor: is also mafJailor: i didnt get to see him nameSmok: Game is ruined now anywayderp: stopCarrot: nonononono listen here, you shitSmok: do what you need to :)derp: legit just stopCarrot: you are JUST as responsibleFreddie: okJailor: coolCarrot: when you use the stream to ghostLizardman: dude pull ur head outta ur as s ima not say shitJailor: ranked practiceJailor: salty potatoFreddie: nice game manSmok: Thanks xpoki investigated Money Sucks.Freddie decided to execute Smok.Day 4Smok: you tooJailor: so you're admitting to gamethrowing?derp: ru 4reelLizardman has been killed.Lizardman was attacked by the Mafia.steezy has been killed.steezy was attacked by a Vigilante.Smok has been killed.Deodat Lawson has left the game.Freddie: ticktackforever role?poki: moneysucks role?Freddie: bothFreddie: role?Money Sucks to Freddie: I am docpoki: moneysucks lynchpoki: im investpoki: he says hes doc he cant beDefenseMoney Sucks: I am docJudgementFreddie: Shot down, guiltypoki: hes vig vet or mafClinical Roast: Face your punishment criminalJailor: carrot mad afClinical Roast voted guilty.poki voted guilty.Freddie voted guilty.ticktackforever abstained.Jailor: maf aint winningJailor: hahaMoney Sucks has been lynched.Night 4Freddie: role?ticktackforever: vigJailor: hahaJailor: maf sucksderp: you should actually feel bad for ruining this dont even have to stay to see the result since you can just stream snipe itticktackforever: VigilantiN1: Reloading the gunN2: Shoot - target defence to strongN3: shootN4: Jailor: hes leftderp: just stopJailor: so yeahJailor: i want my win tooJailor: why should i feel bad?Jailor: its a game broJailor: if you feel so madpoki investigated Clinical Roast.Freddie decided to execute ticktackforever.Day 5Jailor: go chill out kiddoJailor: or sort yourself outticktackforever: IDIOT JAILORticktackforever has been killed.Jailor: these guysJailor: this madJailor: over a gameJailor: hahaJailor: funny afMoney Sucks: how do you mute someone?Money Sucks: asking for a friendJailor: money sucksJailor: akaderp: u are cheating at thisJailor: i suck at mafJailor: not reallyDeodat Lawson has been killed.Jailor: he gave us his streamderp: what is worse trying to enjoy it or cheatingJailor: i used resources around meJailor: akaJailor: investigative workJailor: :)derp: you should feel bad btwpoki: clinicalroast role?Clinical Roast: oof, Freddie: Hello Clinical RoastClinical Roast: medJailor: nahJailor: i dont careFreddie: XDMoney Sucks: saw someone's screen to see everyones rolesJailor: because i dont get mad over web based gamespoki: lynch freddie?Clinical Roast: been ignoring because jailorClinical Roast: yeahpoki: got emFreddie: Come on boispoki: freddie u will diepoki: u mafJailor: freddies not mafpoki: u are dead freddieJailor: forgot who the last person isJailor: lulDefenseClinical Roast: oof me amirightClinical Roast: this game sucked ggClinical Roast: arso lmaoJudgementFreddie: Loser fell for itClinical Roast: everyone i doused died poki: SWERVED biitch poki voted guilty.Freddie voted guilty.Clinical Roast has been lynched.GameOverTown has won.Freddie: Poki and I carried the teamJailor: easy gameJailor: hahahapoki: poki: poki: poki: poki: wdEnd of Report
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