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Report ID: 1176816
Reported User: christiancooke97
Report Submitted: Feb. 25, 2018 10:47 am
# of reporters: 4
Reported Reason: Leaving
Details: Lobby
Lobbyhtmsl: that crus VIPAvrelyn: What about me, fam?Avrelyn: :]chris6422: What about lemonsPlayers are choosing namesVIP Game.Juul: sup heraJuul: i was the crusHera: Sup JuulHera: AhhJuul: worst round everSassy Lemons: I want to make a shitty punSassy Lemons: RNJuul has left the game.Day 1Count Dracula: i am on vipTarnation: on vip. traker on meCount Dracula: don't blame meSassy Lemons: OOMPHCount Dracula: i am firstTarnation: KCount Dracula: soSassy Lemons: oh wellWot In: Im on CountTarnation: on countWot In: Im on CountTarnation: I AM ON COUNTWot In: Stay awayTarnation: FUCKK OFFNight 1Buttocks McQuack: supMeepMeep: how to play necro?Buttocks McQuack: covel leader + medusa combo pleaseIceCreamCake: medusa left the gameButtocks McQuack: fucking juulCovenLeader made Hera target Count Dracula.Hera checked Count Dracula.Day 2Hera has been killed.Hera was attacked by the Crusader.Hera was attacked by the Crusader.Juul has been killed.Tarnation: We have 3 crusaders...Salty Jester: Okay so.Salty Jester: Either, Wot In, Buttocks, Or red pop is evil!Wot In: I'm on countSassy Lemons: lmaoAnn Putnam: 3?Tarnation: I am on countWot In: I amSalty Jester: Roles! All of you!Count Dracula: look let's be clearWot In: Go awayTarnation: Was on him last nightSassy Lemons: Oh my l0rdTarnation: Wot role?Salty Jester: Either, Wot In, Buttocks, Or red pop is evil!Count Dracula: i am on TarnationWot In: I was on himJon: Tarn, Wot and Count are claiming crus apparentlyWot In: I'm crusSassy Lemons: Jon role?Wot In: I'm crus, I"m backing countWot In: COunt is on VIPTarnation: Wot is evil if Hera visited meJon: Sassy, role?Sassy Lemons: AsnwerJon: The hell do you careWot In: I'm notTarnation: any cc to crusader?Sassy Lemons: Answer*Salty Jester: Either, Wot In, Buttocks, Or redup is evil!Wot In: I'm crusJon: Nope, not to someone unconfirmedSassy Lemons has revealed themselves as the Mayor.Wot In: I said first that I"d be on COuntDefenseJon: Why would the mayor ask a random person their roleJon: I'm the trapper, last TPJudgementJon: I hate people with big egosCount Dracula: look Wot you be in the mayorTarnation: I claimed second to be on VIP. Sassy Lemons: I have my reasonsSassy Lemons: Now any cc's?Tarnation: So i am on CountWot In: FineJon: Oh so you mean discord or somethingSassy Lemons: innoWot In: >:CMeepMeep abstained.Buttocks McQuack abstained.Menolly abstained.IceCreamCake abstained.Redup abstained.Tarnation abstained.VlP abstained.Wot In abstained.Count Dracula voted guilty.Salty Jester abstained.Sassy Lemons voted innocent.Ann Putnam voted guilty.Jon: interestingTarnation: ann?Sassy Lemons: Jon that's not itSassy Lemons: LOLWot In: >:C I'll be on mayorDefenseAnn Putnam: lulAnn Putnam: VigiJudgementSassy Lemons: Sigh CL is going to use youIceCreamCake: any cc?Jon: Crus claims, figure out your chain.Sassy Lemons: We might need to guilty thisTarnation: Lets guilty. CL is gonna use them if no EscortAnn Putnam: because you put me up hereJon: and this is the problem with VFR! :DMeepMeep abstained.Menolly abstained.IceCreamCake abstained.Wot In abstained.Salty Jester abstained.Count Dracula voted innocent.Buttocks McQuack voted guilty.Sassy Lemons voted guilty.Redup abstained.Jon abstained.Tarnation voted guilty.VlP abstained.Ann Putnam: Necro, use me plsAnn Putnam: Count is VIPAnn Putnam has been lynched.Count Dracula: don't Random AgainHera: lol WTF is wrong with you thoughCount Dracula: yeah i am vipRedup: serves you right townRedup: LOLCount Dracula: you can't kil meNight 2Hera: Why would you reveal the VIP because you got lynched? You're vig and you're a liability for the townButtocks McQuack: pirate on meIceCreamCake: kill the mayorAnn Putnam: because i don't want to dieMeepMeep: shout i use necro of amm?Hera: So?Ann Putnam: so?MeepMeep: who is mayorAnn Putnam: what else?Hera: Then you shouldn't fckn guilty on a trapper claimAnn Putnam: i play this game to survive, not dieIceCreamCake: SassyHera: And then gamethrow because you're dumbIceCreamCake: 7CovenLeader made Wot In target Count Dracula.Day 3Ann Putnam: dumb?Buttocks McQuack: damn pirateAnn Putnam: he said innoAnn Putnam: at the last momentAnn Putnam: and whatButtocks McQuack has been killed.Buttocks McQuack was attacked by the Pirate.Ann Putnam: VIP DID GUILTYWot In: They sent me into crusAnn Putnam: why only me?Hera: Doesn't mean you should gamethrowWot In: >:CHera: because WE'RE NOT GONNA LYNCH THE VIP, ARE WE?Ann Putnam: yeah, VIP guiltied Ann Putnam: and i can'tWot In has been killed.Wot In was attacked by the Crusader.Hera: NoHera: because VIP is 100% goodHera: and you're guiltying as VIG which is a libaility in this modeAnn Putnam: 1 downHera: how dumb are you?Sassy Lemons: pirate can stay with us Ig. Another vote is another vote.Count Dracula: wot you almost killed the vip i said i am in TarnationHera: FMLSalty Jester: Either Jon or IceCream are good!Jon: he got controlledTarnation: 15 role?Sassy Lemons: 5 role?Jon: my trap was triggered by CLCount Dracula: i got a GA ;)Ann Putnam: yeah, i'm dumb, dumb don't want to dieSassy Lemons: SexySassy Lemons: 5 roleTarnation: 5 role?Sassy Lemons: If your pirateSassy Lemons: you can liveDefenseHera: Just shut upAnn Putnam: you say first, hahaJudgementSassy Lemons: sighHera: Yeah because you're a retard and you're not changing your attitudeSassy Lemons: no claimAnn Putnam: sureHera: So shut up because we're not going anywhere with this convoWot In: Just report herVlP voted guilty.Count Dracula voted guilty.Tarnation voted guilty.Sassy Lemons voted guilty.MeepMeep voted guilty.Menolly voted guilty.Redup abstained.Salty Jester abstained.Jon abstained.Ann Putnam: i'm not gonna change myselfHera: Already haveAnn Putnam: and you talk firstCount Dracula: we are doing like Bg and doc compo , Compo with 2 Crus , lolSassy Lemons: 14 and 15 are sus to meHera: Her attitude is just dumb afIceCreamCake has been lynched.Tarnation: 3 crus actuallyCount Dracula: even if they know i am vip they can't do anythingTarnation: xDSassy Lemons: oSassy Lemons: ripNight 3Ann Putnam: t R i G g R e DNecromancer made Ann Putnam target Sassy Lemons.Day 4Hera: Triggered*Hera: LelSassy Lemons: Necro got me downSassy Lemons: RIPMeepMeep has been killed.MeepMeep was attacked by the Pirate.Wot In: I was going to protect you before I died :cSassy Lemons has been killed.Sassy Lemons was attacked by a Vigilante.Sassy Lemons: OuchiesGameOverTown has won.Sassy Lemons: ggTarnation: Well. gg xD. 3 crusaders with VIP... thats somethingJon: They revealed because of youVlP: 2 OUT OF 2 LETS GOO EZ PIRATE WIN!!!Salty Jester: Huh. GG.Ann Putnam: t R i G g R e DCount Dracula: lol , immune vip xDEnd of Report
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