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Report ID: 1083490
Reported User: christiancooke97
Report Submitted: Jan. 12, 2018 10:53 am
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Gamethrowing
Details: Put names of his team in will
called out mortara for no reason
Outing other mafs in will
LobbyDan48: guysDan48: Rod Dreher is a cuckclong44cl: supDan48: just fyiJeromePantman: Mario Theme for namesJeromePantman: Mario Theme for namesJeromePantman: Mario Theme for namesSerendipityRosewater: my keyboard is laggingPlayers are choosing namesFr Mortara: Bl Pius IX did nothing wrong!Day 1I is bubbles: hiYoshi: Can i have tp on me?Yoshi: hiNight 1Fr Mortara: dont consig anyone yet, theres a good chance of there being a spyDeadshot: hiJailor: invJailor: hi Fr Mortara: we dont want to confirm people as townBardi C: so?Fr Mortara: dontDeadshot: okFr Mortara: HE WILL BE CONF TOWNJailor: hows you day babeFr Mortara: IF YOU CHECK HIMFr Mortara: AND THERES SPYBardi C: dont worryMr Fox: Yoshi asked for TPDeadshot: goodBardi C: if hes good role we kill next dayDeadshot: uDeadshot: ?Fr Mortara: STOP OR I EXPOSE YOUFr Mortara: NOWJailor: well ive been jailedWitch made Deadshot target Yoshi.Reginald investigated DirTy.Yoshi checked DirTy.Day 2Jailor: jailorJailor: someone attacked meFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAJailor: you have saved meDeadshot: i was whitchedBardi C to Fr Mortara: o fuck yourselfReginald: so theres a witch Deadshot: yupFr Mortara: bardi isnt clainingFr Mortara: get himBardi C to Fr Mortara: youre coming down with meFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAFr Mortara: get himI is bubbles: brb grabbing somethingMr Fox: Exe?Fr Mortara: theres aw itchYoshi: Im also sheriffFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAYoshi: 1 is nsFr Mortara: voteYoshi: waitYoshi: i will confirmFr Mortara: VOTE BARDIFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAYoshi: ok?Fr Mortara: DEADSHOT WAS WITCHEDFr Mortara: THERE IS NO EXECFr Mortara: JAILOR KILL HIMNight 2Fr Mortara: VIG ON REGINALDFr Mortara: fuckBardi C: hobbs is medBardi C: fuck youFr Mortara: STOP INVESTINGFr Mortara: YOU FOOLWitch made Fr Mortara target Reginald.Jailor investigated Fr Mortara.Reginald investigated Yoshi.Yoshi checked Bardi C.Blacklisted investigated Jailor.Day 3Deadshot has been killed.Deadshot was attacked by the Mafia.Jailor to Fr Mortara: roleFr Mortara: now get bardiYoshi: Bardi C is confirmed maf as i am sheriff tooFr Mortara: sheriffReginald: jailor role?DirTy: Am investYoshi: bardi role?Yoshi: dirtyDirTy: Fr mortara is consiYoshi: i can confirmYoshi: ns/gfBardi C to Yoshi: check fr mortara tn. he is a butthurt consigReginald: Dirty just lied hang himFr Mortara: get bardiJailor to Reginald: inv and mortana claim of sheriff doesnt line upDirTy: vote himBardi C: get 11DirTy: ...Yoshi to Bardi C: shut up, you are mafFr Mortara: bardi is confirmed evilFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIABardi C: 11 is mafFr Mortara: two sheriffs conf himYoshi: Get Get bardi cFr Mortara: as mafJailor: what did you do night twoFr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAbeagle shmop to I is bubbles: *i farted silently*DirTy: him mfYoshi: he is confirmed mafsDirTy: 11Fr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAn2 Hill, nsJailor: hes maf get himFr Mortara: vig shoot bardiI is bubbles: ok?Yoshi: i did night 2Yoshi: omgFr Mortara: tp on meJailor: shoot mortanaNight 3Bardi C: hill is bgDeadshot: med?Bardi C: now thank me assholeBardi C: i allowed us to kill bgBardi C: FUCK YOUDrunky: gf pick 14Witch made Fr Mortara target Yoshi.Jailor investigated Reginald.Reginald investigated Jailor.Yoshi checked Fr Mortara.Blacklisted investigated Bardi C.Day 4Hill has been killed.Hill was attacked by the Mafia.Hill attacked by a Veteran.Bardi C has been killed.Bardi C attacked by a Veteran.Blacklisted to Jailor: N1 Jailor/ JailedN2 Jailor/ Inv,Consig,MayN3 Bardi/ BG,GF,ArsoDeadshot has been resurrected.Reginald: get DirTyI is bubbles: oops.Deadshot: Thanks Ret. TP on meYoshi: Well, i just got it, Bardi is not the only maf ... MORTARA IS ONE TOO!!Fr Mortara: liarDirTy: Fr Mortara is consiBlacklisted to Jailor: going down in 3sYoshi: nopeReginald: no DirTyFr Mortara: or i was framedI is bubbles: sowwy hill!Reginald: trust meDirTy: ..Yoshi: she is consigliereFr Mortara: BARDI MUSTVE TOLD FRAMER TO TARGET MEMr Fox: Why would Mortara out his fellow mafia?Jailor to Reginald: are you mayor or invBlacklisted to Deadshot: N1 Jailor/ JailedN2 Jailor/ Inv,Consig,MayN3 Bardi/ BG,GF,ArsoFr Mortara: ^Reginald: invYoshi: to gain confidence?Deadshot to Blacklisted: thxFr Mortara: that would be dumbBlacklisted to Deadshot: bardi may be GFReginald: if i am wrong hang meBlacklisted: ArsoYoshi: Dirty is random voteFr Mortara: yoshi is lying or i was framedJailor to Reginald: tell me DirTy: am witch i askDirTy: i find Fr motaraBlacklisted: There is an arsoFr Mortara: dirty prob framerYoshi: get her alreadyYoshi: omgBlacklisted: find himFr Mortara: jailor kill himNight 4Fr Mortara: Sheriff Fr Mortara n1 Bardi C, MAFIAn2 Hill, nsn3 Yoshi, nsDeadshot: helloFr Mortara: i think yoshi is jesterMr Fox: Risky, but heyMr Fox: Fr Mortara already gamethrewDrunky: u shud just stop picking dude Drunky: kill 12Witch made Blacklisted target Fr Mortara.Jailor investigated Blacklisted.Reginald investigated JeNis.Day 5Deadshot has been killed.Deadshot was attacked by the Mafia.Yoshi: Fr mortara was in jail, i was checking again...Yoshi: i dont trustYoshi: ....Blacklisted: There is a witch as wellYoshi: yeaDirTy: am witchI is bubbles: I didn't die!Fr Mortara: obviously bardi told framer to target meDirTy: Fr Mortara is cinsiFr Mortara: pretty smart of him actuallyDirTy: i help my friend to winYoshi: cinsi?DirTy: yesYoshi: whats that supposed to be?Reginald: DirTy is evil i am invest i will saying this he lied second day about roleDirTy: inves i know next night go to Fo mortaraFr Mortara: yoshi are you jesterBlacklisted: 8 is lyingReginald: it did not fit the three i invested;Blacklisted: IM investJailor to Blacklisted: are you inv?Night 5Drunky: i'll pick gf lol i got thisWitch made Reginald target Fr Mortara.Jailor investigated Reginald.Reginald investigated Fr Mortara.Yoshi checked Drunky.Blacklisted investigated Reginald.Day 6I is bubbles has been killed.I is bubbles was ignited by an Arsonist.DirTy has left the game.Reginald has been killed.Reginald was attacked by the Mafia.Blacklisted: VFRYoshi: Drunky is mafYoshi: maybe lookout or spy can confirm framer visited Fr mortara?Blacklisted: start with 4Yoshi: so hang drunky or mortara?Yoshi: why me/Jailor to Blacklisted: not saying much but 3 inv seem unlikely, but im sus on youYoshi: ?Blacklisted: no LO or SpyDrunky: seems like exe/jester to me eeryones mafDrunky: tbhYoshi: nopeDrunky: wait its witch right?Yoshi: yeaBlacklisted: //w 3 N1 Jailor/ JailedN2 Jailor/ Inv,Consig,MayN3 Bardi/ BG,GF,ArsoN4 Jenis/ JailedN5 Reg/ Inv,Consig,May8 is lying 3 invest? hes mafYoshi: theres witchDrunky: fuck knows then or a boss as fuck framerJeNis: noNight 6Fr Mortara: we need to find and hang arso soonDrunky: consig cud helpDrunky: tbhJailor investigated Yoshi.Yoshi checked Blacklisted.Blacklisted investigated Drunky.Day 7DirTy has been killed.Blacklisted: Jenis Role?JeNis: RetJailor to Yoshi: roleBlacklisted: okJailor: yoshi roleYoshi: im sheirffDrunky: ok i just shot at random to try confirm myself guysDrunky: 7 is immuneYoshi: N1: DirTy - NS/GFN2: Bardi C - MafN3: Fr Mortara - MafN4: Fr mortara - (to make sure)N5: Drunky - MafN6: Blacklisted - NS/GFFr Mortara: guys i found another mafFr Mortara: n6 Blacklisted, MAFIAJeNis: Fr mortara role?Yoshi: Here you goFr Mortara: sheriff idiotDrunky: 7 roleYoshi: blacklisted isnt mafFr Mortara: get blackBlacklisted: 3 is mafFr Mortara: VOTE BLACKDrunky: I SHOT 7 IMMUNEYoshi: he is nsFr Mortara: n6 Blacklisted, MAFIAFr Mortara: VOTE BLACKDrunky: I SHOT 7 IMMUNEBlacklisted: 11 tooDrunky: ARSODrunky: 7 IS IMMUNEYoshi: mortara is now 100% mafBlacklisted: 4 TIs?Yoshi: hang me elseNight 7Fr Mortara: fuck i messed upFr Mortara: get joshi or jenisDrunky: check 7 to confirm arsoJailor investigated JeNis.Blacklisted investigated William Hobbs.Day 8Fr Mortara: fuckFr Mortara has been killed.Fr Mortara was ignited by an Arsonist.Bardi C: hey assholeBardi C: spy really fucked you right?'Bardi C: report me?Bardi C: you outed me firstJeNis has been killed.JeNis was attacked by the Mafia.Fr Mortara: i did it to become conf sheriffJeNis: my friend ask you consiFr Mortara: you did it out of pure spiteBardi C: yeah and it didnt fucking workJeNis: but townie stupidFr Mortara: because you gtBlacklisted: ok 7 is the only 1 not invest... hes arsoYoshi: So i am confirmed now?JeNis: hahahBardi C: WHY DIDNT YOU ASK ME FIRSTBlacklisted: whyJailor: yoshi blacklist and me are confirmedFr Mortara: i told youBlacklisted: why are you confirmedFr Mortara: in advanceBardi C: you dont out your own fucking maf when they arent leavingJailor: blacklistedYoshi: because as i said she was mafBardi C: thats rude afYoshi: and i said Jailor: dont do thisBardi C: i was just doing my jobbeagle shmop: im vet Blacklisted: 3 is mafYoshi: Drunky is also mafBlacklisted: 7 arsoJailor: blacklistedDrunky: vets deadFr Mortara: you were doing it recklesslyBlacklisted: whos firstYoshi: I investedJailor: blacklisted is consigBardi C: I FOUND BGYoshi: she was mafBardi C: WTF DID U FINDDrunky: vets deadDrunky: 7 claims vetbeagle shmop: nope theres anotherFr Mortara: arsoBlacklisted: vote 4 townbeagle shmop: there is 2Jailor: wait he cantBlacklisted: 15 is townBardi C: yeah and u lived twice as longDrunky: vets uniqueJailor: blacklisted dont throwNight 8Bardi C: 1 confirmed not maf isnt going to kill the mafBardi C: you stupid fuckFr Mortara: a bunch isBardi C: btw there was no spyFr Mortara: and you gave no indication that you would stopBardi C: i wouldntJailor investigated beagle shmop.Day 9Fr Mortara: exactlyBardi C: bc if i find bg/jailor/escort... we wouldve killed them the next nightJailor has been killed.Jailor was attacked by the Mafia.Bardi C: so nobody is even confirmedBardi C: like wtf broJailor: how did blacklisted think i was mafBlacklisted: ok exYoshi: we got witchYoshi: so no exeBlacklisted: are you with town?Yoshi: so i am sheriffYoshi: yesYoshi: i am sheriffYoshi: and drunky is mafBlacklisted: okBlacklisted: 10Yoshi: i checkedbeagle shmop: im vetYoshi: Not 10Blacklisted: 10?Yoshi: idkBlacklisted: 7 arsoYoshi: but you always defend the maf s....Drunky: 2 vets is impossibleBlacklisted: vote 13Blacklisted: mafiosoYoshi: blacklisted could be gfYoshi: drunky is mafDrunky: 7 is ARSOBlacklisted: invest meYoshi: omgNight 9Yoshi checked William Hobbs.Day 10Yoshi has been killed.Yoshi was attacked by the Mafia.Bardi C: arso will winYoshi: OmgYoshi: dumb tonwBardi C: maf is too stupidYoshi: maf isYoshi: but the town is even more ...Blacklisted: ok we lostBlacklisted: Lets give it to the arsoBlacklisted: 15 vote with meBlacklisted: 10 is GFBlacklisted: vote 10 town and arsoDrunky: or ur arsoYoshi: jesusYoshi: blacklisted is obvious gfBardi C: no stupidBardi C: fox is gfBlacklisted: 15?Yoshi: but nobody wants too vote him ...Blacklisted: AFK?Night 10Drunky: u here?Bardi C: fox is afkDrunky: dude?Yoshi: lelDrunky: greatYoshi: any medium?Day 11Bardi C: noBlacklisted has been killed.Blacklisted was attacked by the Mafia.Blacklisted was ignited by an Arsonist.Drunky: half the people are afkFr Mortara: two afksFr Mortara: ffsDrunky: yupBardi C: wait hobbs is med'Blacklisted: tepDrunky has been killed.Drunky was ignited by an Arsonist.Blacklisted: yepDrunky: gf wudnt speak at nightYoshi: lolYoshi: obvious mafYoshi: as i confirmedDrunky: town were wankYoshi: dumb afDrunky: wouldnt follow any leadsDrunky: was niceYoshi: yepYoshi: amazing for you ..Drunky: if they hadnt afk would of been nice thoYoshi: Not for me ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮beagle shmop: mr fox is gfNight 11Fr Mortara: report fox, hobbs, and bardiBardi C: will and fox are afkYoshi: why?Bardi C: smd frBardi C: you pussyFr Mortara: afk and throwingBardi C: you gamethrewBardi C: outed maf day 2Bardi C: go fuck yourselfDay 12William Hobbs has left the game.Bardi C: lolFr Mortara: report bardi and foxFr Mortara: for throwingBardi C: broBardi C: you dense afYoshi: Bardy isnt afk ...Fr Mortara: bardi threwFr Mortara: outed me in his willFr Mortara: fox is afkBardi C: yoshi help me out hereNight 12Bardi C: fr mortara never invested and outed the other consig day fucking 2Day 13Yoshi: "A report has been filed for *Bardi C*."Bardi C: guess what retard, theres no fucking spyMr Fox has been killed.Mr Fox was ignited by an Arsonist.William Hobbs has been killed.GameOverArsonist has won.End of Report
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