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Report ID: 1079049
Reported User: Eidobe
Report Submitted: Jan. 09, 2018 12:29 pm
# of reporters: 3
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: Racist
LobbyKhalbrae: Yay!Khalbrae: Vorpy! MR Pink!m15terp1nk: oh heyEidobe: NEGROEidobe: K Y S NEGROEidobe: KZenborn: Hi I am Nate HiggersEidobe: K Y SKhalbrae: Guys... cut the racism pleaseEidobe: negrooooooooEidobe: noob negroDaYongYanon: kill al n1ggersEidobe: menEidobe: i need blood menDaYongYanon: burn all jewsKhalbrae: you don't want to get bannedDaYongYanon: hang all asiansVorpaline: HIYAEidobe: KILL ALL THE JEWSMoldoooooooo: you can't talk like that to retarded people KhalEidobe: HAIL HITLERKhalbrae: dudes...Moldoooooooo: srryKhalbrae: trying to save them from themselvesEidobe: hailrDaYongYanon: moldo are u crying? :(Eidobe: hailEidobe: hitEidobe: lerDaYongYanon: offended?DaYongYanon: u black slaveMoldoooooooo: nopeDaYongYanon: go back to africaDaYongYanon: negro dogMoldoooooooo: you actuallly seem more offended than meEidobe: troller dogDaYongYanon: autismEidobe: autistic personMoldoooooooo: btw nice multi-accountingm15terp1nk: DaYongYanon is a child. He threw a hissy in the last game I was in with him. Khalbrae: they are snowflakes that throw racist slurs around to hide their insecuritiesJooniePoonie: Does anyone here have a sandwich?Moldoooooooo: =))DaYongYanon: multiaccounting in covenDaYongYanon: nice oneMoldoooooooo: yeahMoldoooooooo: nice one from youDaYongYanon: like im actually gonna bu ycovenMoldoooooooo: yesDaYongYanon: those are my friendsDaYongYanon: u idiotMoldoooooooo: that's the sad partDaYongYanon: u have noneDaYongYanon: lmaoMoldoooooooo: I wouldn't call myself a "friend"JooniePoonie: lmaoMoldoooooooo: but surwJooniePoonie: he is backMoldoooooooo: sure*DaYongYanon: LOLEidobe: stEidobe: fuEidobe: neggroMoldoooooooo: =)))DaYongYanon: totally meEidobe: dsalk;fnasmd;lkfsandflk; asdflk 'sadjfalksdfj asdMoldoooooooo: I definitely talk rnDaYongYanon: how can we proofEidobe: uEidobe: areDaYongYanon: we are notEidobe: idiotJooniePoonie: we can't we get past 13JooniePoonie: nvmDaYongYanon: multiaccountingEidobe: with 0 iqDaYongYanon: oh waitEidobe: go kDaYongYanon: we just didEidobe: ysDaYongYanon: :(Khalbrae: seriously, I have seen people get banned for this. Don't lose your money over stupid stuffDaYongYanon: now u feel stupid dont youEidobe: KhalbraeMoldoooooooo: Spoiled brats don't lose money, mommy will give them moreEidobe: i am meme dankerEidobe: i can't get banDaYongYanon: multiaccounting btwDaYongYanon: what a moronDaYongYanon: lolDaYongYanon: that is beyond dumbEidobe: hey againEidobe: 0 iqPlayers are choosing namesDay 1Thomas Danforth: I hope I don't die n1 againLucius Malistair: Party!!!!Night 1Maurice Moss: iirc the child from the lobby default namesCovenLeader made nice meme target Sheriff.Day 2Holly Blue Agate has been killed.Holly Blue Agate was attacked by Medusa.Lothric: o.ojailor: we need a mediumjailor: for his roleLucius Malistair: definitelyThomas Danforth: Oh thank the lord.Thomas Danforth: I didn't die N1 again.Lucius Malistair: was anybody controlled? Likely they were controlled but just in caseJest: it seems that holly was controlledjailor: obvLucius Malistair: yup.Lucius Malistair: you never knowjailor: invest?jailor: tp?Night 2Holly Blue Agate: Medium?Seivara: roleWarden: there must be a tpSheriff: yiSheriff: yoLucius Malistair: Hexed: HuhSheriff: sheriffHolly Blue Agate: Oh wonderfulLucius Malistair: and now tyrealSheriff: i used scrollWarden: i controlled nice meme for sureHolly Blue Agate: In case you are jailed I was trackerHolly Blue Agate: and Sheriff is medusaMaurice Moss: what were they?Warden: but holly was physic btwHolly Blue Agate: I also wasn't witchedCovenLeader made nice meme target Maurice Moss.Day 3Maurice Moss: Jugg gameMaurice Moss has been killed.Maurice Moss was attacked by the Juggernaut.Holly Blue Agate: coolMaurice Moss: funHolly Blue Agate: btwHolly Blue Agate: I wasn't witchedHolly Blue Agate: yayyyyyyyyyyMaurice Moss: I knowHolly Blue Agate: and apparently there's no medHolly Blue Agate: yayyyyyyyyyyy againHuh has been killed.Huh attacked by a Veteran.Holly Blue Agate: and Sheriff is medusa and I can't do anything about itHolly Blue Agate: sadlyLucius Malistair: OMG JUGG GAME! Nice!jailor: WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but goodThomas Danforth: OhSheriff: jailedThomas Danforth: Ummm, whoops.Sheriff: this nightHuh: holy who were you?Sheriff: jailor knows my roleHolly Blue Agate: TrackerLothric: Nice to meet you aswell, ThomasSheriff: and the real jailorLothric: :^)Maurice Moss: you were hexed by the way Sheriff: not the guyjailor: cl or med jailed?Warden: n2) maurice vb nice memeHolly Blue Agate: oh coolHuh: me?Huh: or whonice meme: i cant even visit lolMaurice Moss: youWarden: well, you didjailor: exeLothric: What are you then?Jest: warden is exeLucius Malistair: Role and will thenHuh: lolnice meme: ur an obvious exenice meme: but okWarden: obviously i am lookoutnice meme: keep voting idiotsDefenseHolly Blue Agate: watch him revealnice meme: you are just giving him a free winnice meme: not like i care tbhnice meme: hate this role anywayJudgementLucius Malistair: You're not sharing...jailor: role anywaySheriff: innoLucius Malistair: HELP US HELP YOUHolly Blue Agate: oh wownice meme: im psychicSheriff: vote innoHolly Blue Agate: he's 80% that c!ntLucius Malistair: finenice meme: exe free win btwJest voted innocent.Thomas Danforth voted innocent.Warden voted innocent.Lucius Malistair voted innocent.jailor voted innocent.John Proctor abstained.Kuilvax abstained.Sheriff voted innocent.Seivara voted innocent.Tyrael voted innocent.Lothric voted guilty.Warden: it was a late rolecall to be fairnice meme: oh.Lucius Malistair: Share willSheriff: get lothricLothric: So wheres your will?Lothric has revealed themselves as the Mayor.DefenseMaurice Moss: Role? Will?JudgementSheriff: LOL inno xD sorryMaurice Moss: lolThomas Danforth: I still think he's pretty guilty. Joking joking.Lothric: I will gladly give the exe a win if hes not going to be use to town nice meme: imma guilty fk this dudeHolly Blue Agate: Psychic is technically the fourth TI claimLothric: The townie I mean.Holly Blue Agate: unlikelySheriff voted innocent.Kuilvax voted innocent.Tyrael voted innocent.Thomas Danforth voted innocent.John Proctor abstained.Seivara voted innocent.Warden voted innocent.nice meme voted guilty.Jest voted innocent.Lucius Malistair voted innocent.jailor voted innocent.Night 3Seivara: roleLucius Malistair: phewSheriff: kill mayorWarden: fuck i made a bad moveSheriff: get him on meKuilvax: exeLucius Malistair: leave the mayor and jugg alive 1 nightLucius Malistair: I sayKuilvax: executionerHolly Blue Agate: LO are you here?Lucius Malistair: hexed: tyraelCovenLeader made Lothric target Sheriff.Seivara decided to execute Kuilvax.Day 4Lothric has been killed.Lothric was attacked by the Coven Leader.Lothric: Holly were you TP?Maurice Moss: None of the dead are coven.Holly Blue Agate: oh look, many people diedHolly Blue Agate: no, I was TrackerMaurice Moss: People that are hexed keep dying though. lolKuilvax has been killed.Kuilvax: i was exe Lothric: Oh gotcha the tp is just retarded.Kuilvax: jailor got meHolly Blue Agate: maybe he's docTyrael has been killed.Tyrael was attacked by the Juggernaut.Lothric: Or thatHolly Blue Agate: he can't stay on revealed mayorLothric: Nevermind.jailor: GET 5nice meme: warden was twice on my evil list just saying.Huh: i am :Dnice meme: warden was twice on my evil list just saying.nice meme: warden was twice on my evil list just saying.Warden: we have to get the jug fast Holly Blue Agate: btw by now they should lynch the psy claimSheriff: get wardenJest: yea get himHolly Blue Agate: dude, warden can't be exe anymorenice meme: :)Jest: he is covenjailor: noHolly Blue Agate: put one on sheriff tooLucius Malistair: you still didn't share a full will..nice meme: he is tbh.Holly Blue Agate: he's the medusanice meme: cause i dont write oneHuh: holly what did you want from me?nice meme: i tell younice meme: who is evilnice meme: just shut up and listenLucius Malistair: that is not how you psyHolly Blue Agate: oh, in case you get ressed to say my rolejailor: IT'S 5Lothric: Tracker right?Jest: wardennice meme: its 11 u foolnice meme: homoHolly Blue Agate: yeahSheriff: get warden!Sheriff: hes eviljailor: ok i willNight 4Holly Blue Agate: funnyWarden: sherrifSheriff: goodSeivara: roleSheriff: shhhWarden: what are you doing?Warden: xdHolly Blue Agate: how it's so obvSheriff: let them think that i am trownSheriff: town*Holly Blue Agate: yet they don't do anythingLucius Malistair: sowing the seeds of confusion ;)Warden: i knowWarden: but don't try t kill meLucius Malistair: hexed jailor seivSeivara decided to execute John Proctor.Day 5Holly Blue Agate: also jugg is getting some nice killsJohn Proctor has been killed.Lothric: Christjailor: WARDEN IS JUGG HIS DEFENSE WAS TOO STRONG IM VIGLucius Malistair: AFK transporter of all peoplenice meme: 11 and 9 are coven :)))))))))) :))))))))) :)))))))))))Sheriff: seivaraSheriff: roleSeivara: someone who knows your rolejailor: 11 is juggHolly Blue Agate: what if he's CL lmfaoThomas Danforth: Lets geth the jugg firstjailor: i shot himWarden: i am not jugSheriff: get 11Warden: just sayingLucius Malistair: Nice is obvious juggThomas Danforth: Well then coven leadernice meme: ur covvennice meme: just sayingWarden: yeaDefenseWarden: guys oke i confes. i am covenWarden: but try to get jugg firstWarden: do vfrWarden: jug is going to be dangerousJudgementWarden: and you know thatSheriff: coven is covenSheriff: guiltyHolly Blue Agate: town is fucked anywayWarden: jugg is more dangerous tbhjailor: ''Your target's defense was too high to kill''nice meme: 9 is coven tooWarden: necromnoiconSheriff voted guilty.Jest voted guilty.Lucius Malistair abstained.nice meme voted guilty.jailor voted guilty.Seivara voted guilty.Thomas Danforth abstained.Warden: you stupidWarden: :)Warden: bbjailor: strong not highWarden has been lynched.nice meme: jail 9Lucius Malistair: Exe 5Lucius Malistair: Lucius the Trapper1 Building 2 Placing on Lothric, brrken by hex master. 3 building 4 placed on Jestnice meme: dude shut up exe deadnice meme: autistjailor: ohLucius Malistair: now coven knows where my trap isnice meme: moronjailor: haSheriff: exe diexcNight 5nice meme: dudeSeivara: rolenice meme: are u nice meme: legitnice meme: autisticnice meme: i told younice meme: 9 is covennice meme: u dumbnice meme: homonice meme: 9 and 13 are covennice meme: and u jail the psychicnice meme: such an idiotnice meme: braindeadSeivara: where is ur fucking will retardnice meme: autistnice meme: im not making onenice meme: thought it was obviousnice meme: till nowDay 6Thomas Danforth has been killed.Thomas Danforth was attacked by HexMaster.Seivara has been killed.Seivara was attacked by the Juggernaut.Holly Blue Agate: oh look, jugg assaults nowHolly Blue Agate: rampages*Warden: i know itjailor: Kill 5??? holy was prop TI so...Warden: jailor is juggLucius Malistair: Lucius the Trapper1 Building 2 Placing on Lothric, brrken by hex master. 3 building 4 placed on Jest 5 Removing trap, stupid town :(nice meme: stop beign stupid u moronnice meme: kysWarden: jug attacked menice meme: 9 is covenSheriff: GET JAILORnice meme: and he thinks im exenice meme: even though exe is dead.nice meme: what a smart dudeLucius Malistair: 5 is triggered juggSheriff: jailor should be covenJest: 9 is on my list 2 days in a rownice meme: please consider hanging yourself irlLucius Malistair: who never shared will oncenice meme: u autistLucius Malistair: and is telling people to kill themselves, not goodjailor: im confirmed vigi 5 was in jail last nightDefensejailor: RETARDSjailor: i shot 11jailor: no ccJudgementLucius Malistair: INNO HIM. GET 5!nice meme: kys homoSheriff: GUILTYnice meme: die u dogWarden: jailor is obviously juggHolly Blue Agate: yeahjailor: im shooting 13nice meme voted guilty.Lucius Malistair voted innocent.Sheriff voted guilty.Jest voted guilty.jailor: nxnx naxczéWarden: 4 th he had basic attack Holly Blue Agate: and Sheriff and 5 are last covenjailor: fucgyvtyzdcy87dgedycguiegfuycsgdzjailor: vuxccvsdgyvcuygcduygsdcgdyucgywdgcysdvctgcvdtsvcyuSheriff: i can'tSheriff: lolWarden: so he couldn't kill mejailor has been lynched.nice meme: lol u suck retardSheriff: DIESheriff: DIESheriff: DIESheriff: 2v1v1Warden: WHATLucius Malistair: I TOLD YOUWarden: He is notHolly Blue Agate: please juggWarden: juggSheriff: juggernaut timeHolly Blue Agate: kill 5Night 6Holly Blue Agate: PLS KILL 5Warden: jest is jugSheriff: noLucius Malistair: I can;t kill juggSheriff: don't kill himWarden: jest is juggWarden: jest is jugWarden: jest is jugjailor: 13 is covenWarden: jest is jugLucius Malistair: Stone if you canHolly Blue Agate: as long as he kills the guy I want him to I'm fineWarden: 5 is covenLucius Malistair: pleaseHolly Blue Agate: yeah, 13 is medusaLucius Malistair: just in caseHolly Blue Agate: I died to himDay 7jailor: forgot cl had basic defense with necro btwHolly Blue Agate: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeLucius Malistair has been killed.Lucius Malistair was attacked by the Juggernaut.nice meme: lol u lost idiotnice meme: gg jugger wins ;)Kuilvax: holly blue what was your role ?jailor: obvHolly Blue Agate: trackerWarden: how did oyu die nice meme?nice meme has been killed.nice meme was attacked by HexMaster.Warden: waitKuilvax: oh oknice meme: hex masternice meme: im psychic btwWarden: did hex master visit you>nice meme: now youll seenice meme: lolWarden: i knowWarden: you areWarden: xDLucius Malistair: transporter swapped you and jugg didn't they?nice meme: yeah butnice meme: lucius be like:Sheriff: sup jugger boynice meme: HE IS EXEWarden: HEX master why would you visit nice memenice meme: EVEN THOUGH EXE IS DEADnice meme: NICE MEME IS EXESeivara: most autistic psychic wont post logsnice meme: HANG HIMnice meme: PLZnice meme: why would i lolnice meme: fk u all nice meme: dogsLucius Malistair: Everybody losesWarden: If you didn't visit him coven wouldn't have wonLucius Malistair: Draw gamenice meme: i dont care about townnice meme: i hate this role Jest: can you let me win pls?Holly Blue Agate: nopeMaurice Moss: See... I told you. Hissy fit.Warden: it's not drawnice meme: not gonna try to helpSheriff: i used all stonesHolly Blue Agate: jugg went full power didn't he?Sheriff: loljailor: medusa cant kill jugg rightnice meme: especially when holly is town toonice meme: lmaoSheriff: town was really stupidSheriff: xDWarden: jug is powerfull right nowWarden: last night he was rampageSheriff: they acc thought that i am sheriffWarden: now he is powerfulHolly Blue Agate: now he's at full forcejailor: whats jugg's defensenice meme: just wanted to make maurice and holly losenice meme: which i didnice meme: so im happy Sheriff: i have sheriff scrollSheriff: but i got medusaSheriff: ..Sheriff: sadNight 7Maurice Moss: Juggs Highest defense is Basic. I think this drawsSheriff: let Sheriff: the juggerSheriff: winnice meme: noSheriff: sryHolly Blue Agate: I think that jugg has basic defnice meme: coven losesHolly Blue Agate: yeahnice meme: u all suckLucius Malistair: Medusa throwingDay 8Warden: why would you let the jug win lolSheriff has been killed.Sheriff was attacked by the Juggernaut.jailor: hahHolly Blue Agate: oh coolHolly Blue Agate: nice juggSheriff: ^Sheriff: willHolly Blue Agate: fuck you sheriffHolly Blue Agate: you killed meHolly Blue Agate: =))Sheriff: go kysGameOverJuggernaut has won.Sheriff: kSheriff: yLucius Malistair: Medusa threw. Did not attack and kill jugger to get the draw. You better be grateful Jest!Sheriff: snice meme: holly stop crying negro dogWarden: why didn't you let us win sherrif :(Holly Blue Agate: I waited this moment the whole gameEnd of Report
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