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Report ID: 1070871
Reported User: Eidobe
Report Submitted: Jan. 04, 2018 9:43 pm
# of reporters: 3
Reported Reason: Hate speech/Harassment
Details: Day 6
Lobbyicemonkey24: Yo daytime!GAVEbirth2NORIS: yoicemonkey24: tGAVEbirth2NORIS: heheheLaKiller: DaYongCHan againLaKiller: here to pick more racist namesGAVEbirth2NORIS: ^Players are choosing namesnoracistname: happy?Day 1noracistname: im reformedTee: any leads?noracistname: no more racismnoracistname: :)Night 1Zelda: Role pleaseI Need Blood Men: escI Need Blood Men: sryI have blood: 1st time playing necroI Need Blood Men: was afkI Need Blood Men: for 10 secZelda: It's fineI have blood: glhfZelda: Make sure you rb someoneSubmit: first poisoner gameZelda: So you're confirmedI Need Blood Men: kObama: first time playing coven leaderI Need Blood Men: name?Hillary: first medusaSubmit: lolZelda: not until provenI have blood: haTransporter swapped Hillary with Obama.Transporter swapped Random with Tee.CovenLeader made tragedy target Brock Smith.tragedy checked Brock Smith.Day 2James Russel has been killed.James Russel was attacked by Medusa.Tee: I WAS TRANSPORTEDRandom: TransportedCranky Witch: i was poisd doc plz helptragedy: witchedTee: i didnt kill himHillary: You were transported?Tee: yeah i wasObama: transportedTee: three of us?!I Need Blood Men: i jailedI Need Blood Men: last nightTee: i was transported firstHillary: well...Cranky Witch: tragedy role plzI have blood: so 2 transes?Tee: three apparently!Random: No there is only 1Random: and 1 person is lying about transportedTee: well i wasRandom: me tooZelda: if three people claimed, there are twotragedy: sheriffTee: the other one is lyingZelda: ??Tee: its not meHansen vs Predat: VOTE ZELDAZelda: Can I help you, Hansen?Cranky Witch: doc hlpObama: i was 100% transportedNight 2Zelda: Role pleaseSubmit: helloJames Russel: MEDIUM?Submit: sheriffZelda: willSubmit: Submit the Sheriffn1:will NS/GFI have blood: what was james' role?I have blood: or can you tell idkZelda: HmHillary: transJames Russel: NO WHYI have blood: sweetHillary: transporterSubmit: hows your day?Zelda: There's no GF in this gameZelda: just write NSZelda: lolZelda: ;)Submit: lolTransporter swapped Random with Will.CovenLeader made Hansen vs Predat target Tee.tragedy checked Will.Day 3Tee has been killed.Tee was attacked by a Vigilante.Cranky Witch has been killed.Cranky Witch was attacked by the Poisoner.Random: Transported again -_-I have blood: um gj vig?James Russel: HILLARY IS MEDUSABrock Smith: who the fuck roleblocked meHansen vs Predat: witchedHansen vs Predat: im vigiI have blood: ohHansen vs Predat: jail me tonight ;)I have blood: well then gj cl!Brock Smith: jail the vigZelda: Hansen, you're deadBrock Smith: so witch cant useRandom: well he already shot someone?Zelda: wtfI Need Blood Men: GET HIMDefenseZelda: Well town, you just voted up jailorZelda: IdiotsZelda: And trapper is deadZelda: So there better be another TPZelda: WTF did you vote me up?JudgementI Need Blood Men: who jailed n1?I Need Blood Men: answerZelda: I jailed an escort claimZelda: IE youI Need Blood Men: OKKI Need Blood Men: unniI Need Blood Men: innoWill voted guilty.I have blood voted innocent.Brock Smith voted innocent.Hansen vs Predat voted innocent.Hillary voted guilty.tragedy voted innocent.I Need Blood Men voted innocent.Submit voted innocent.noracistname voted innocent.Obama abstained.Random voted innocent.Hansen vs Predat to Zelda: dont jail meDefenseWill: TrapperJudgementRandom: Doesnt explain the guilty voteHansen vs Predat: rtapper is deadI Need Blood Men: sure, 2 trappers and you voted guilty jailorZelda: If you're trapper, why did you guilty confirmed jailor?I Need Blood Men: guilty himWill: ok kill me you will seeBrock Smith abstained.I have blood voted guilty.I Need Blood Men voted guilty.noracistname abstained.Hansen vs Predat voted guilty.Zelda voted guilty.Submit voted guilty.tragedy voted guilty.Random voted guilty.Hillary voted guilty.Obama voted guilty.Will has been lynched.Random: wtfZelda: Trapper with no will and guiltied me?Zelda: ReportBrock Smith: town is fuckedI Need Blood Men: LOLNight 3Submit: henloHillary: heySubmit: free from jailSubmit: thats meHillary: ?I have blood: what did you claim?Zelda: Will?Submit: sheriffZelda: Role?Obama: who was jailor again?Hillary: transZelda: Why'd you guilty me?James Russel: HILLARY IS FLIPPIN EVILObama: what was his nameI have blood: zeldaHillary: supportHillary: for townCranky Witch: i tauntedTransporter swapped Zelda with Submit.CovenLeader made noracistname target Submit.Brock Smith investigated Obama.Day 4Submit has been killed.Submit was attacked by the Trapper.Submit: dangitCranky Witch: lolSubmit: sorry crankyZelda: Right. So I was transed last night and Hillary claimed trans, but showed no will. Let's lynch her, especially after she guiltied meBrock Smith: Obama role?Submit: kinda killed younoracistname: so many trappers wtf.I Need Blood Men: LOL 3 trappersHansen vs Predat: rbedCranky Witch: ik lolCranky Witch: nptragedy: trapper had a trap set on me I Need Blood Men: ohHansen vs Predat to I Need Blood Men: you rb me?Brock Smith: Obama roletragedy: might've been cranky's trapI have blood: if a trapper dies do their traps go away?Zelda: No, just vote up HillaryI Need Blood Men to Hansen vs Predat: yes...tragedy: thanku trapperZelda: Vote up HillaryHansen vs Predat to I Need Blood Men: whyHillary: whyBrock Smith: Zelda ima try an find obamaHillary: ?Submit: it was going to be a tradegy that he was poisonedBrock Smith: Obama roleI Need Blood Men to Hansen vs Predat: idkBrock Smith to Obama: answerSubmit: but i got trappedHansen vs Predat to I Need Blood Men: im vigi i shot 4Hillary: You jailedHillary: meI have blood: whisperig woahI Need Blood Men to Hansen vs Predat: oh oopsRandom to Zelda: i transported you with submitDefenseBrock Smith to Obama: fucking answer. role?James Russel: LOCK HER UPZelda to Random: okSubmit: there a medium?Hansen vs Predat to I Need Blood Men: im shooting youHansen vs Predat to I Need Blood Men: tonightCranky Witch: noI Need Blood Men to Hansen vs Predat: whatSubmit: james what were you btwJudgementZelda: I was transed last night and there's confirmed only ONE transport. You cannot be trans because you were jailedI Need Blood Men: get 15Zelda: GuiltyI Need Blood Men: game throwerJames Russel: I was transporterSubmit: ahI Need Blood Men: 15 wanna kill meBrock Smith: 15 is vigI Need Blood Men abstained.Brock Smith voted guilty.Random voted guilty.noracistname voted guilty.I have blood voted guilty.Zelda voted guilty.Hansen vs Predat voted guilty.tragedy voted guilty.Obama voted guilty.James Russel: And she killed meSubmit: to many trappersHillary has been lynched.Submit: hello medusaHillary: you thoughtSubmit: welcomeI Need Blood Men: 15 WANNA KILL ME THIS NIGHT AND I AM ESCORT! WTFHillary: im outZelda: keep rbingBrock Smith: Obama is CLNight 4Zelda: RoleWill: is there a medSubmit: oooh reanimating meeeSubmit: :DCranky Witch: noJames Russel: nopeObama: lookoutSubmit: im poisoning randomSubmit: i guessTransporter swapped Zelda with I have blood.Necromancer made Submit target Random.Brock Smith investigated tragedy.Zelda decided to execute Obama.Day 5I Need Blood Men: gj vigiObama has been killed.I Need Blood Men: he will die tooI Need Blood Men: so smart!Hillary: nooooooI Need Blood Men: so much brainHillary: >.I Need Blood Men: in one personI Need Blood Men: SO MUCH IQI Need Blood Men has been killed.I Need Blood Men was attacked by a Vigilante.Brock Smith has been killed.Brock Smith was ignited by an Arsonist.Random: i was poisonedZelda: vig ... wtf? First you were trying to get me lynched beginning of the game, and then you kill confirmed escort????Random: i am the real transI have blood: dang it vig he was ns!Random: im dead anywayHansen vs Predat: yep i killed escoertHansen vs Predat: cause he rbed meZelda: Report HansenZelda: for gamethrowingnoracistname: vigi is gonna die anywayHansen vs Predat: sames hitHansen vs Predat: rbing confirmed towniesI have blood: reportingtragedy: does that mean there's necro?Brock Smith: 6 is arso, and 9 prolly necroZelda: HE WAS RBING YOU SO CL COULDN'T CONTROL YOUZelda: DUMMYHansen vs Predat: cl didnt control meZelda: ....Random: this is arsoZelda: Hansen I am JAILORDefensenoracistname: ehhnoracistname: burn the negros?noracistname: :)JudgementI have blood: jest?Zelda: Report HansenZelda: and jester is deadnoracistname: let me live i will burn black peopleI have blood: oh loltragedy: I have blood last coven?tragedy voted guilty.Hansen vs Predat voted innocent.Random voted guilty.I have blood voted guilty.Zelda voted guilty.Random: tragedy/i have blood is the necro, jailor get 1noracistname has been lynched.I have blood: tragedy must be, i am sherifftragedy: I'm sheriffI have blood: wtftragedy: N1: I have blood - ns, but I was witchedN2: Random - nsN3: Hillary - they were Jailed + saved by Trapper (thankyou)N4: Brock Smith - rbedN5:Night 5tragedy: sherifftragedy: N1: I have blood - ns, but I was witchedN2: Random - nsN3: Hillary - they were Jailed + saved by Trapper (thankyou)N4: Brock Smith - rbedN5:I Need Blood Men: nowI Need Blood Men: the 0 iqtragedy: I swear, it's 9I Need Blood Men: vigiI Need Blood Men: will dieI Need Blood Men: coz he has no brainZelda: We'll seeZelda: Also report 15Zelda: 100%tragedy: alrighttragedy: yeahTransporter swapped Zelda with Hansen vs Predat.Day 6I Need Blood Men: hekkiI Need Blood Men: hello9I Need Blood Men: 0 iqI Need Blood Men: vigiRandom has been killed.Random was attacked by the Poisoner.I Need Blood Men: u have braindeadHansen vs Predat has been killed.Hansen vs Predat died from guilt over shooting a Town member.Hansen vs Predat was attacked by Necromancer.I Need Blood Men: u accHansen vs Predat: hiI Need Blood Men: killed townZelda: aaaaand I have blood is necromancer confirmedI have blood: ggHansen vs Predat: dude i said iw as vigi and you rbed meI have blood: wpZelda: ggHansen vs Predat: so i shot you for being stupidI have blood: forgot about the transRandom: thats not how this worksI Need Blood Men: YOUZelda: Report Hansen for gamethrowing if you have the timeRandom: thats not how any of this worksZelda: bc holy craptragedy: ripI Need Blood Men: KILLEDI Need Blood Men: TOWNRandom: hansen u retardI Need Blood Men: IDIOTI Need Blood Men: NInoracistname: vigiI Need Blood Men: GGERnoracistname: u have autismnoracistname: pls kysHansen vs Predat: its oknoracistname: negroHansen vs Predat: we still winnoracistname: i will burn youHansen vs Predat: stfu racistnoracistname: go back to the dungeonnoracistname: u slaveI Need Blood Men: YOU HAVE 0 IQnoracistname: all negros have 0 IQDefenseI Need Blood Men: I LOST ONLY BECAUSE I KNOW YOUI have blood: gg guysI Need Blood Men: RNnoracistname: kill them allHansen vs Predat: reportI Need Blood Men: YOU IDIOTHansen vs Predat: racismI Need Blood Men: Knoracistname: keep crying dogI Need Blood Men: YSHansen vs Predat: come on guysI Need Blood Men: NII Need Blood Men: GGERI Need Blood Men: GO SUHansen vs Predat: recism badI Need Blood Men: CKJudgementI Need Blood Men: DI Need Blood Men: ICKnoracistname: recism?I Need Blood Men: IDIOTnoracistname: rEcism?I Need Blood Men: YOU T WATnoracistname: its racism u negrotragedy voted guilty.Zelda voted guilty.I Need Blood Men: C OCK SU CKERHansen vs Predat: guys ricism is badHansen vs Predat: stop itnoracistname: ricism?I have blood has been lynched.noracistname: u gotta be trollingI Need Blood Men: your mother is goodI Need Blood Men: keep doing herHansen vs Predat: yeaHansen vs Predat: but youre not trollingHansen vs Predat: youre actually racist which is sadnoracistname: actually i amnoracistname: lolGameOverTown has won.Submit: ntI Need Blood Men: everyoneI Need Blood Men: reportI Need Blood Men: 0 iqI Need Blood Men: vigiI Need Blood Men: reportI Need Blood Men: vigiI Need Blood Men: game throwEnd of Report
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