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Report ID: 1042667
Reported User: Vastoro
Report Submitted: Dec. 16, 2017 11:19 pm
# of reporters: 2
Reported Reason: Inappropriate Username
LobbySpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMESpicyWind136: ANIME THEMEMineQraftDidIT: okMineQraftDidIT: anime themeSpicyWind136: ANIME THEMEnepo5000: anime themeSpicyWind136: ANIME THEMEMineQraftDidIT: anime themeSpicyWind136: ANIME THEMEMasterChiefDel: anime themeSpicyWind136: ANIME THEMEPlayers are choosing namesBlu has left the game.Day 1Misty: surv claimNight 1Brook: yoKaneki: wong ?Kaneki: andre ?Falsettos: helloBrook: AndyDay 2Meliodas has been killed.Meliodas was attacked by the Mafia.Meliodas was attacked by a SerialKiller.Blu has been killed.old ni gga: Meliodas ?spicy: naruto killed himPiplup: pip piplupAvatar: cool Maf and SKNaruto D Luffy: no im docNaruto D Luffy: i was on kanekispicy: suree buddyold ni gga to Naruto D Luffy: role or deadNaruto D Luffy: Naruto D Luffy the Docn1- Kanekiold ni gga to Kaneki: roleFalsettos: old ni gga role?old ni gga to Karma: role bi tchold ni gga to Misty: roleNaruto D Luffy to old ni gga: im docKaneki: /r old ni gga vampAvatar: um?old ni gga: kaneki is vampMisty to old ni gga: HAHAHA nopeold ni gga: maimoo is witchold ni gga: killing tonightold ni gga: full moonold ni gga: come to my houseNight 2Jonny boy: anyone Jonny boy: thereFalsettos: should i clean or wait?Falsettos: nice teamworkDay 3maimoo has been killed.maimoo was attacked by a SerialKiller.Bluesy Fluesy has been killed.Bluesy Fluesy was attacked by the Mafia.old ni gga to Jonny boy: rolespicy: uhmm i think kaneki is mafAvatar: i think maimoo rbed me, not that i did anything anywaysPiplup: why's that?old ni gga to Piplup: ROLE or im shooting u tngJonny boy: dont whisperJonny boy: me no likeyold ni gga to Falsettos: role ni ggaPiplup to old ni gga: spy you meanerold ni gga to Avatar: role ni ggaold ni gga to Jonny boy: role bi tchAvatar to old ni gga: town, i dont trust youold ni gga: k role callJonny boy: noFalsettos: old ni gga is a little sus in my opinionBrook: Naruto is skPiplup: is he just whispering the same thing to everyone?Jonny boy: i feel threatemedFalsettos: what why?Avatar: yearAvatar: yeahFalsettos: could be jest?Defenseold ni gga: Mafia majority ?old ni gga: i just asked about rolesJudgementold ni gga: role call is normal thing Avatar: not in whispersold ni gga: vfr Avatar abstained.Brook abstained.Falsettos abstained.Jonny boy abstained.Misty abstained.spicy voted guilty.Karma abstained.Piplup abstained.Kaneki voted guilty.Naruto D Luffy abstained.old ni gga: VFRold ni gga: report Mistyold ni gga: kurwyold ni gga has been lynched.Misty: why?Piplup: that's not a bad way to get jested :/spicy: imma kill kanekiAvatar: i have skypeNight 3Falsettos: kaneki you could die cause jester tonight :/Jonny boy: anyoneJonny boy: thereold ni gga: NAMEKaneki: ikBrook: Naruto is skold ni gga: BI TCHJonny boy: spicyold ni gga: okold ni gga: kaneki is deadold ni gga: tell himJonny boy: jk jonny boyDay 4Kaneki has been killed.Kaneki was attacked by a Jester.spicy has been killed.spicy was attacked by a SerialKiller.Avatar: No mafia kill?Piplup: spicyJonny boy: gg jesterFalsettos: wow jester good guessAvatar: I have skype, anyone want to add me?Jonny boy: im scuredBrook: Naruto is skNaruto D Luffy: noNaruto D Luffy: im the docAvatar: common doc/sk claimNaruto D Luffy: Naruto D Luffy the Docn1- Kaneki (My Boi)n2- Misty (Pokemans)n3- Piplup (Misty's Pokemon)Piplup: i like having sk around more than i do mafia :PKarma: Naruto is serial mafiaNight 4Jonny boy: help hows badJonny boy: whosFalsettos: wow i cleaned the wrong person las nightKaneki: narutoKaneki: isKaneki: skFalsettos: i thought sk can't die at nightJonny boy: sell our ya boysFalsettos: so if naruto is sk that's usellessDay 5Jonny boy has been killed.Jonny boy was attacked by a SerialKiller.Avatar: poor mediumBrook: yeaPiplup: i have so much information but no perfect answer.Misty: hiFalsettos: that a sucky role honestlyNaruto D Luffy to Karma: i got your back i healed youFalsettos: *that'sPiplup: is smething supposed to show up for spy when maf is found?Misty: i want 2 LIVEMisty: noFalsettos: what do you mean?Karma to Naruto D Luffy: i wasnt attackedPiplup: because karma false brok and naruto are all innocentKarma: dudeNaruto D Luffy to Karma: i know but i was on youAvatar: spy sees a lotKarma: im legit boredPiplup: and so far nothing's come upMisty: NOBODYBKarma: i got 0 info all gameMisty: IS LISTENING TO MEAvatar: then mafia arent votingKarma: i dont care if i die at this pointNight 5Avatar: heyAvatar: who is mafioso?Jonny boy: idkAvatar: .....Jonny boy: nar is sk Avatar: oh okayAvatar: but if i rb he kills meJonny boy: he killed mah arseJonny boy: gl budDay 6Karma has been killed.Karma was attacked by the Mafia.Falsettos has been killed.Falsettos was attacked by a SerialKiller.Falsettos: welp naruto def skPiplup: please help, what even is bugging?Piplup: it seems to do nothing at all XDNaruto D Luffy: The soul king seems susAvatar: Medium wants to kill NarutoMisty: u get to see what happens to targetPiplup: ohhh...thank youBrook: pretty sure my captain is skNaruto D Luffy: Brook RoleMisty: role callMisty: nowNaruto D Luffy: DOCMisty: survPiplup: spy :PNaruto D Luffy: Naruto D Luffy the Docn1- Kaneki (My Boi)n2- Misty (Pokemans)n3- Piplup (Misty's Pokemon)n4- karma (Called me out wanted to show him i was dBrook: investigatorMisty: 8 role?Piplup: avatar?Avatar: survDefenseAvatar: I'm lying because Naruto is SKAvatar: and I don't know who the mafia isAvatar: role call sucks for towniesJudgementAvatar: its basically a targetAvatar: im escortNaruto D Luffy: im not the skFalsettos: can sk die at night?Avatar: you areMisty: VOETENaruto D Luffy: ill heal 10 tonightAvatar: kill narutoNaruto D Luffy voted guilty.Brook voted innocent.Piplup voted guilty.Misty abstained.Avatar: kill narutoAvatar has been lynched.Avatar: thx brookAvatar: sorryPiplup: sorry :CNight 6Falsettos: someone needs to kill naruto :/Avatar: everyone is either neutral or mafiaDay 7Misty: i am survPiplup: mafia why are you attacking naruto?Misty: reallyBrook: naruto is skNaruto D Luffy: Piplup MISTY"S DEFENSE WAS TO STRONGMisty: I AM SURVIVIORMisty: CMONNaruto D Luffy: FockFalsettos: kill narutoPiplup: well brook we got decisions to make. sk or mafia?Avatar: naturoNaruto D Luffy: mafiaNaruto D Luffy: yup mafBrook: okFalsettos: kill narutoNaruto D Luffy: sucks pillionPiplup: really?Piplup: errr ok thenFalsettos: yes!DefenseMisty to Brook: role?Naruto D Luffy: Piplup i love youJonny boy: budMisty to Piplup: role?Jonny boy: noFalsettos: rightNaruto D Luffy: I look at sexy piplup hentai everydayJudgementBrook to Misty: investigatorFalsettos: ok ewPiplup: i love you too :c penguin x ninjaMisty to Piplup: role?Naruto D Luffy: PLEASEMisty voted guilty.Brook voted guilty.Piplup voted innocent.Naruto D Luffy: GOOOOOD Naruto D Luffy: WHHHHYNaruto D Luffy: DXFYGIUGYTFDXZSY*UOIP(UYDTRTFIUOHJVNaruto D Luffy has been lynched.Piplup to Misty: you know what i am silly, spyMisty to Brook: i doubt uMisty to Brook: waitPiplup: maf wins :x ggNight 7Jonny boy: rektFalsettos: piplup sucks assNaruto D Luffy: shut upAvatar: if misty wins does town win?Jonny boy: lolFalsettos: yesJonny boy: you mad broFalsettos: i thinkDay 8Piplup has been killed.Piplup was attacked by the Mafia.Avatar: wowGameOverMafia has won.Misty: coolEnd of Report
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